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Default Bestiality manga collection


Hello everybody! I just joined this tracker quite recently, and decided that the best way to start off on the right foot was to do my first (of hopefully many) uploads.

As it happens, I have a sizable collection of bestiality mangas, mostly translated in English. Features mainly hetero encounters (male animal/female human) and contains scenes with dogs, horses, pigs, cats, and many other species. Some consensual, some rape. A variety of content for the populous.

Some of the larger stories also contain regular human only sex scenes as well.

So, I hope you all enjoy my offering. If all goes well, I should have some more stuff up in the very near future.

Big_Sister_Dog_Little_Sister.rar 16.36 MB
Bucchi [Gokatsuin Naka].rar 5.47 MB
Haru the Beater [Hitode Jinbo].rar 5.44 MB
Isako Rokuroh - Kawa.rar 8.97 MB
Jukan ACE Origin - No. 002.rar 7.51 MB
Kataru Makibe - Brand Of Obscene ch.1-3.rar 25.9 MB
Ken-Jyuu_eng.rar 8.81 MB
Kikuichi Monji - Analist (English).rar 17.58 MB
Kurita Yuugo - 10 Seconds.rar 5.03 MB
Kurita Yuugo - The Girl Dreams Dogs (English).rar 32.44 MB
Show | Hide more 48 files
Makita Aoi - Geihinkan.rar 49.71 MB
Master-Servant Relationship [Bai Asuka].rar 9.91 MB
Noukyuu - Pet Laboratory.rar 12.99 MB
Rokuroh Isako - The Secret [Eng] [desudesu].rar 9.78 MB
Samurai Shodown - Ken Jyuu Retouch.rar 13.83 MB
Sanbun Kyoden - Kageri [ENG] -desudesu-.rar 8 MB
Takeichi Okome - spoiled partner -desudesu-.rar 6.58 MB
Taking care of a dog.rar 6.39 MB
The Dorm Leader's Pet! [Okome Takeichi].rar 4.61 MB
The Secret [Rokuroh Isako].rar 9.78 MB
Tuna Empire - Family Circumstances.rar 70.29 MB
Wanko No Osewa.rar 4.11 MB
Watashi no Suki na Hito... {JAP}.rar 13 MB
Western Mansion.rar 9 MB
Zoophilia Syndrome.rar 63.05 MB
[000272] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 1 [Brolen].rar 16.28 MB
[000273] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 2 [Brolen].rar 21.45 MB
[000274] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 3 [Brolen].rar 8.65 MB
[000275] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 4 [Brolen].rar 12.04 MB
[000276] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 5 [Brolen].rar 8.92 MB
[000277] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 6 [Brolen].rar 17.86 MB
[000278] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 7 [Brolen].rar 8.22 MB
[000279] Dragon Blood {Taira Hajime} - Nise Dragon Blood 8 [Brolen].rar 11 MB
[004594] Original {Kawadi MAX} - Kennel Girl [Torwyn].rar 13.27 MB
[69erotique] I Guess I Like Dogs After All (Beastiality).rar 52.78 MB
[Kawady_MAX]_Stable_Girl_[ENG]=Little_White_Butterflies=.rar 13.79 MB
[Masato Tsukimori] The Dream Eater (English).rar 29.62 MB
[SaHa] Human High-light Film - Hitomi Highschool (English).rar 28.9 MB
[SaHa] Kurita Yuugo - No Dog No Life (English).rar 48.29 MB
[SaHa] Masato Tsukimori - Caged Love (English).rar 40.74 MB
[SaHa] Masato Tsukimori - Suishin (English).rar 26.26 MB
[Short][Rokuroh Isako][Lady Reiko's Daily Life][24 files][Eng].rar 10.09 MB
[Short][Sono][Horse Riding Rape Club + Blue-Eyed Sow][38 files][Eng].rar 18.17 MB
[Short][Tsuduki Ichinose][Mouflon of the South (from Kemono For Essential 07)][16 files][Eng].rar 10.1 MB
[Volume][Horikawa Gorou][1998][Pet Humiliation Diary][167 files][Eng].rar 63.43 MB
[ZOOERASTIA] Regardless of My Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur, I Want Bestiality! (Chuunibyou) -English- (Hentai Bedta).rar 10.76 MB
[Zukiki] Ino no Seikatsu Chapter 1-2 [English] [Pineapples R' Us].rar 38.71 MB
[desudesu] Mitsuka Hattori - And So, The Sabbath Continues.rar 5.45 MB
[desudesu] Mitsuka Hattori - Chain of Lust, the Sequel.rar 8.05 MB
[desudesu] Mitsuka Hattori - Chain of Lust.rar 7.7 MB
[desudesu] Saki Komura - Kichiku.rar 8.19 MB
[desudesu] Shinra Shiduki - bitch training.rar 5.01 MB
[desudesu] Takashi Tachibana - Family Romance.rar 4.79 MB
[desudesu] Takeuchi Reona - My Boyfriend is a Doggie.rar 5.7 MB
[desudesu] Takeuchi Reona - Wonderful Cosplay.rar 7.92 MB
[desudesu] a day in a certain stable.rar 12.44 MB
[sirC] Tiger and Flower Days.rar 2.73 MB

All ScreenShots in the First Place in the Download Folder

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