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Talking Gaia library special editions - sister's pet


By Janet McCoy

The family is in trouble!
From all sources we receive the news about the breakdown of the nuclear family, the
dissolution of family ties. Instead of a time when three generations lived harmoniously
together, modern society has bred a situation where the ties of even a single generation
are shaky, lacking in solidarity. The catapulting divorce rate makes experts despair of
the future of marriage.
SISTER'S PET – centers around a family in the making. After growing up and drifting
apart, a brother and sister decide to reestablish their family solidarity. They try to
develop a successful living arrangement that includes each of their spouses. Together
with a dog named Friar, the foursome discover endless variations on the old familiar
theme – the family that plays together stays together!
-The Publisher

Come join us at
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Default SISTER'S PET Zoo Sex STORY - Chapter

SISTER'S PET Zoo Sex STORY - Chapter
"Oh, my darling doggie! You're so glad to see me, aren't you? Chad, look how excited
Friar is! He missed us as much as we missed him!" The voluptuous redhead knelt naked
on the thick pile carpet, while a big German shepherd covered her body with wet
kisses. She held a half-empty highball glass over her head, trying to keep it away from
harm. From time to time, she raised her head to the glass and took a long sip.
The man she called Chad was sitting stoically on a barstool, watching the scene on the
rug with raised eyebrows. A flicker of amusement hovered at the corners of his mouth.
He served himself liberally from a bottle of expensive scotch. "Somehow, Jay my love, I
think old Friar missed you more than he missed me! He hasn't tried to lick my tits yet!"
The woman giggled and stroked the animal's head as he licked first one ripe swollen tit
and then the other. "That's because you haven't taken your shirt off yet, dummy! Poor
Friar! Imagine how it must have been for the poor baby, locked away in quarantine
with no one to love him and play with him!"
Despite his cool manner, Chad could not resist staring openly at the way her nipples
were standing up long and red, excited to full erection by the dog's attentions. Her
arousal, her heavy breathing, made her round globes rise and fall awesomely on her
chest. He was beginning to envy the dog his position on top of those soft resilient
mammaries. Chad took a long drink, refilled his glass and went to sit in a chair only a
few inches from the woman and dog.
"Well, you wanted to take him to Europe with us! You knew he'd have to go through
all that quarantine crap! I'd feel sorry for Friar myself if I didn't know how well you're
going to reward him for all his past miseries."
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Default "Oh God, May! Pogo's going to fuck your pussy!" The girl had never uttered that word

"Oh God, May! Pogo's going to fuck your pussy!" The girl had never uttered that word
before. She was surprised at how satisfying it felt exploding from her mouth. It made
her feel sexy to be able to indulge her excitement all the way down to spitting out
obscene language. Dave would never recognize me now, she thought fleetingly... and
she was glad!
A piercing shriek of ecstasy interrupted the blonde's thoughts. "Aaiiiieeee! Ooooohhh,
God-d-d! He's in me! He's in meeee!" Again May had raised her head. She was looking
through lust-glazed eyes in Lacey's direction. But the girl realized her new lover saw
nothing. May was totally absorbed in the intense feelings throbbing through her well-
skewered pussy.
The older woman was enough in possession of herself, though, to think still of Lacey's
pussy and what she had been doing there. While Pogo drove his hard cock into her
cunt in long deep strokes, May stabbed her tongue into Lacey's juicy slit. The tongue
ran wildly up and down the trembling blonde's open snatch. It teased her clitoris,
tortured her gaping hole, slipped down to lap at her asshole. Lacey was amazed to
discover that what May had been doing to her before was only a warm-up. The pleasure
she was experiencing now was like nothing she had ever known before!
With desperate fervor, Lacey reached down to tangle her fingers in May's long thick
hair. Now she could feel the brunette's head being buffeted forward into her hands,
against her cunt-slit. Pogo's long lusty lunges were knocking her about ruthlessly. And
May was loving it. She was eating Lacey's pussy with an ardor that approached
supernatural speed and agility.
"Aaaaggghhhh!" Lacey thought she could feel May's tongue probing deep into her hot
twat. The way the pushy little member forced her cunt-walls apart set up quivers of
unchecked arousal that penetrated every dark recess of her being. "Suck me, May!" she
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Default The woman smiled suggestively at her big handsome husband. She tossed her long

The woman smiled suggestively at her big handsome husband. She tossed her long
thick hair back over her naked shoulders and held out her empty glass. "How's about
another one... pretty please, darling?"
As he stared sternly into his wife's large green eyes, Chad felt a familiar lurch inside his
pants. Much as he liked to play boss, he knew damned well there wasn't a thing on
earth he wouldn't do to satisfy his beautiful mate. All she had to do was look at him
just exactly the way she was doing now... her green eyes heavy and languid; her full lips
pouting, moist with desire; her long neck arched like that of a graceful swan, curving
down to her full highset breasts. Jay was sitting casually back on the rug now. The dog
Friar was standing between her spread legs, coating her tits and belly with saliva. Her
bright red cunt-mound gyrated slightly, asking for more of the depraved attention,
looking for obscene thrills.
"Mmmmm... feels good, baby!" She could see the arousal in the man's eyes. She knew
her words would only add fuel to the fire flaring in his loins. "It's good to feel Friar's
tongue on my belly. It's so nice to be back home in the good old U.S. of A."
He saw the wide-eyed shock on her face as the dog's tongue reached down and invaded
the busy vee of her pubic patch. While she groaned gutturally, he quickly fetched her
drink. He sat back down in the chair, balancing his ass on the edge this time, eager to
catch every detail of the lurid scene to come.
"Uuuuuhhh... feels good, Chad darling! Feels so good! My clit's getting so hard, baby!"
As her pussy strained upward, the dog's tongue penetrated deeper down between her
thighs. She spread her legs lewdly apart. Her jaw dropped open as she obviously
relished the depraved excitement of being so wide open to the animal's lusty attentions.
She leaned luxuriously back on her elbows and shook her hair back and forth over her
shoulders. She was completely immersed in her growing sensuality.
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Default wailed. "Eat my pussy! It feels so good!"

wailed. "Eat my pussy! It feels so good!"
Absorbed as she was in her own lusty stupor, May still had time to appreciate the
extent of Lacey's surrender to passion. She loved the feel of the girl's hands pulling on
her hair, drawing her face closer into her greedy pussy. She loved the way Lacey's
sweet-tasting cunt-mound wriggled up into her face. The sensations made her struggle
against the overwhelming force of Pogo's screwing. May could easily have slipped into a
wanton daze where nothing and no one mattered... where she concentrated only on the
hard cock drubbing her deep. But she wanted to please Lacey! She wanted to savor
every moment of the blonde's surrender to lust!
The brunette's cunt-muscles clutched the dog's stiff cock on every rutting instroke. They
sucked hungrily on his cock, trying to trap it deep inside. Pogo managed to escape from
their grasp each time, but, like the glutton for pleasure he was, he drove immediately
right back up into the danger zone. "Mmmmm... what a good cock!" May grunted
woozily into the dark savory slit of Lacey's twat.
The women moaned and writhed together on the living room carpet, each blissfully
conscious of the wanton abandon of the other. Neither had ever enjoyed this kind of
whole-hearted self-indulgence. For Lacey, it broke new ground in her initiation into the
wonders of her own fertile body. She loved soaking up the energy of two lovers at once.
Though they might both be considered "perverted" lovers, she was intensely responsive
to both of them. They cared enough about her to give her the attention she needed. She
had never felt so loved, or so sheltered.
Even May had never felt so open... so totally in tune with the rhythm and hungers of
her own body. She realized now why she had wanted Lacey so desperately. The girl was
filling a gap in her own life. Lacey was so much sweeter, so much more tender than the
hard-screwing men she knew. Lacey made her feel safe to be free.
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Default As though guided by some other consciousness, Jay reached for her drink and drank it

As though guided by some other consciousness, Jay reached for her drink and drank it
down. Immediately, new hot tingles flashed through her loins. She had been looking
forward for weeks now to being reunited with her dog. Friar had been sent on ahead to
do his spell in quarantine before Jay and Chad returned. Her first night back in the
U.S. and Jay could think of nothing more satisfying than to spend it with her husband
and her faithful canine lover. "Ooooohhh, Friar! Lick my pussy, baby! Do it to
When Chad fetched Jay's drink, he had refreshed his own as well. He drank it quickly,
nervously. The blood was pounding through his system now, carrying the alcohol with
it, helping to swell the nest of desire smoldering in his loins.
Despite all the beautiful women he had seen in their travels in Europe - in Rome,
Paris, Biarritz, and Monte Carlo - none had been able to lure his attention away from
his beautiful, sexy wife for more than a fleeting affair. Other women could excite him,
but only with Jay did his desire have such incredible staying power. They had been
lovers for seven years, and still she excited him as intensely as if they had just met.
He watched her hungry cunt-mound screwing itself up against the dog's darting
tongue. He could even catch a glimpse of the pink head of her clitoris as it stood up,
throbbing and erect, seeking out the dog's wet caresses. Jay's hands worked wantonly
over her heaving breasts, stroking their full contours. They pulled on her aroused
nipples, keeping them hard and agitated. The little nubbins poked pertly in his
direction. They seemed to beckon him to join the wanton fray on the rug.
His fingers struggled blindly to pull down his zipper and release the pulsing shaft of his
erect cock. As his tongue ran nervously over his lips, he stroked his rigid cock slowly,
gently. He was getting himself into the peak mood for the greater entanglement to
come. He was putting off the delicious moment when he, too, would seek gratification
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Default It was in the midst of an overwhelming surge of mutual affection that the women found

It was in the midst of an overwhelming surge of mutual affection that the women found
their peaks. "Oh myy-y! May, darling, I'm cummmmming! You're making me
As she licked up the juices of the blonde's explosion, May could feel the dog letting go
inside her... forcing her to her own climax. "Oh shit! Christ, it's happening in meeee!
I'm cummingg-g!"
While the dog ambled out to the kitchen in search of a long drink, the women lay
contentedly in one another's arms.
Lacey was feeling guilty. She was intensely aware now of the fact that she had done
none of the giving in their wanton exchange.
"Oh yes, you did, darling. You gave me yourself. And it was wonderful! I loved it!" She
smiled wickedly at her innocent-looking young lover. "Besides, we've got lots of time...
If you think of something you'd like to do, why, it'd be all right with me!"
"I've got lots of ideas!" Lacey giggled and held her new friend tight.
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Default from that shapely writhing body on the rug.

from that shapely writhing body on the rug.
"Ooooohhh, God-d-d! Get that tongue in there deeper, Friar! Lick my cunt! Make me
cum, doggie lover!" Jay had been already a little tipsy when she and Chad alighted from
the Pan Am flight from Paris. The airport limousine had driven them directly to their
new apartment in Hollywood, where they had immediately attacked the well-stocked
bar. The redhead knew she was pretty drunk, but the effects of the alcohol seemed
nothing compared to the ricocheting fires of lust bursting from her belly - attacking
every swell and curve of her trembling being. She felt wide open, completely free. She
wanted to chase that sweet promise of ecstasy that lurked somewhere deep inside...
force it into the open. She wanted to be wild and crude and sexy. Jet lag, booze and lust
combined to make beautiful Jay a redheaded amazon of desire.
"Ooooohhh, Chad, his tongue's fucking mee! My beautiful doggie's screwing me with
his tongue!"
Unable to remain detached any longer from the depraved goings-on, Chad knelt on the
rug and watched the dog's taste-testing from closer quarters. His hand squeezed his
naked cock as the animal's long pink tongue slid between her moist, red cunt-lips. He
could see the animal's tongue-tip catch for just a moment at the entrance to Jay's pussy.
Then he watched the supple instrument slip down and tease at her brown puckered
asshole. The woman squirmed and moaned with urgent intensity. At this point, it
seemed there was nothing Friar could do to her that would fail to turn her on.
"Jee-zuz, you're a hot bitch, aren't you, Jay baby? You should see that dog-tongue
licking your pussy and your sweet little asshole! It must taste good! I've never seen Friar
this hungry before!" His lewd words made his penis throb in his grasp. His whole body
was alive with intense lust. He wanted to see it all happen! He wanted to watch her get
screwed by that long dog-cock!
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Default Chapter


Despite the promise he had made May, Spike had not forgotten his interest in the
brunette's beautiful young boarder. On his return from his weekend trip Sunday
evening, he dropped his friend Nick at the town saloon. Alone, he walked over to May's
Though he had been kidding May about her interest in the blonde called Lacey, Spike
was not sure the older woman didn't have romantic plans for her. From what he had
seen of May's behavior over the years, he could just see her stooping to make love to
another woman, just for kicks. The thought disgusted him. Spike could handle
promiscuity, but not depravity. It was too weird the thought of two pussies squirming
together to get their rocks off.
It made the big man suspicious that there was no activity in May's kitchen at
dinnertime on a Sunday evening. The screen door was open, and he walked right in.
But no May came storming into the kitchen to accuse him of being a "rude galoot".
On stealthy feet, Spike checked out the rest of the downstairs. Then he tiptoed upstairs
to check out the bedrooms. It occurred to him to worry for a moment that some
mishap might have befallen the women. The idea didn't move him nearly as much as
his suspicion that there was some hanky-panky afoot.
As soon as he got to the top of the stairs, his worst fears were realized. From May's
open bedroom doorway there oozed the sounds of female ecstasy.
"Oooooohhhh... oh, May, it tastes so good!"
"Uuuhhh God-d-d! It couldn't taste any better than it feels! You look so sexy, baby!"
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Default Straining to look down beneath the dog's belly, he caught a glimpse of the long hard

Straining to look down beneath the dog's belly, he caught a glimpse of the long hard
shaft of Friar's cock as it protruded, pointed and ready, from his cock-sheath. Already
Chad could imagine the tapered cudgel driving deep up into his wife's greedy twat. The
way she was mewling and wailing out obscenities, she was more than ready for it! His
cock lurched in his hand at the prospect of giving her the bestial prize she was after!
Roughly, he grasped hold of Jay's hips and rolled her over onto her belly. While Friar
stood back, confused, the man forced the woman up into a kneeling position. Her
round smooth ass was waving in the dog's face now, begging him for attention.
"Come on, Friar! Get in there and do what you want with her, boy!"
Jay was beside herself with excitement. Her husband's rough handling, his obvious
arousal, made her feel weak-kneed with lusty anticipation. She looked back over her
shoulder at the sniffling animal and the bright-eyed man. "Oh Chad, baby! He's going
to screw me now, isn't he?! You're going to make him do it to me, aren't you, baby?!"
"It's up to Friar, you greedy little pussy you! You're just going to have to wait until
Friar figures it all out on his own!" He bent close to her wriggling ass and watched the
dog's tongue snake up along her enticing slit.
"Uuuuuunnnhhh!" Jay began to wriggle her buttocks with the obsessive energy of a
mad-woman. She swayed her ass wildly to left and right, up and down, trying to let the
dog know what she wanted. "Screw me, Friar darling! Get up there and screw meee!"
With excited amusement, Chad watched his wife trying to hump the dog's tongue. Friar
took the hint and mounted the woman. His forepaws clutched her hips fiercely and the
dog rutted forward, trying to sink his cock in that hot welcoming pussy.
Despite all the times he had witnessed this same scene, Chad still found himself
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