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Old 12-22-2017, 06:20 PM
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Default reaching far up into her throbbing cunt. With a sudden thrill, she realized fully she was

reaching far up into her throbbing cunt. With a sudden thrill, she realized fully she was
being fucked by a dog. By a brute animal!
Sally felt her guts flower open in welcome. She'd seen how wildly Duke fucked Helen.
Now it was her turn. She thrust her hips back strongly, her cunt gobbling an extra inch
of the animal's driving rod. She felt his furry balls slap into her slit, pounding against
her clit. It was heaven!
What was that Helen was babbling about? Oh yes, she wanted her to eat her cunt some
more. Blindly, concentrating most of her attention on the ecstasy in her cunt, Sally
started mouthing Helen's twat again. This time she sucked the other woman's clit
deeply between her lips, as Helen had done with her. The results were the same. Within
seconds Helen started to cum. Sally choked as hot gushes of pussy juice were expelled
from Helen's spasming cunt and flooded into her hotly sucking mouth. She lapped and
sucked faithfully until she was certain that Helen had indeed cum.
Then the last of her self control vanished. With a groan she let her head twist to the
left, her mouth sucking free of Helen's still quivering cunt.
Sally's body was running on overdrive now, fueled by the awesome power of Duke's
remorselessly driving cock. It pounded far up into her body, reaching areas no cock had
ever reached before.
Then she felt a change deep inside her. The girl's eyes opened wide. "H-Helen!" she
stammered. "His... His cock's changing shape inside me! What's happening?"
"It always happens," Helen said, still panting. "They told me about it where I had him
trained. The end of his cock swells up, kind of like a doorknob. It's supposed to be so
that it can't fall out of the bitch's cunt until he's shot off his load. In this case, I guess
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Old 12-23-2017, 04:22 AM
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Default we're the bitches."

we're the bitches."
"Oh, God, it feels weird," Sally moaned. It did indeed feel as if a doorknob on the end
of a pole was plowing up and down the madly responding length of her pussy channel.
"That means he's going to cum, doesn't it? I... Oh my God!"
Sally felt a sudden spurt of scalding dog cum shoot out the knob-like tip of Duke's
hard-pumping dog cock. It wasn't several distinct spurts, like out of a man's cock.
Duke seemed to cum in one long continuous wave, his spouting semen seemed to drill
a smoking hole right through her cunt and into her womb. Her reaction was
immediate. "Aaaaiiiyyyy!" she cried out loudly. "I... I'm cumming too! Oh, Helen, hold
onto me! I feel like I'm going into orbit! Oooohhhhh, help me!"
Sitting up, Helen held onto Sally's upper body, stroking her head, her tits, her belly.
Under her fingers she could feel all the muscles in the young blonde's body vibrating
from the intensity of her orgasm. She knew what her friend was going through. She
knew how Duke's animal fucking could wring a woman's body inside out.
She held Sally until Duke had finished emptying his balls into the girl's pussy. Then,
with his usual lack of consideration, he hopped down from her trembling buttocks. The
girl collapsed forward. Duke did try to lick her cunt clean, but since the girl was lying
on her face, he gave up after a few difficult passes at her half-concealed twat. Sally was
too exhausted to change her position.
Eventually she regained enough strength to roll over. She looked for Duke. He was
once again lying down a few feet away, cleaning his cock. She looked up at Helen, her
blue eyes big and full of wonder.
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Old 12-23-2017, 02:24 PM
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Default "Well... how did you like it?" Helen asked her.

"Well... how did you like it?" Helen asked her.
"It... was fantastic!" Sally sighed.
"That's just the word I always use to describe it," Helen said.
Then Sally's eyes became calculating. "You said you had him trained to... to fuck," Sally
said. "That you bought him somewhere?"
"That's right," Helen said. "I went to this special place. Kind of a kinky spa that caters
to people like us."
Sally's blue eyes were pinpoints of determination. Now she knew she'd never have to be
horny again. "Give me the address," she said. "I'm gonna get me a dog like Duke."


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Old 12-24-2017, 12:24 AM
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Default Chapter 6

Chapter 6
The Melody Ranch Health Spa looked rather ordinary to Sally. It was about a five hour
drive away from the city in which she lived.
Tired and stiff from the drive, she got wearily out of her car and stretched. She was
parked in a parking lot overlooking the ranch buildings, a cluster of low wooden
bungalows, set in neat rows along flower-bordered walks.
Sally was nervous. She had been excited when she left home this morning, but now her
hour of truth was at hand. She was going to be trained in dog-fucking, or vice-versa, a
dog was going to be trained to fuck her.
It had been one thing fucking Duke, Helen's dog. She had no responsibility for Duke.
But now she'd have her own dog. She hoped to hell she got a good one. And how was
she going to explain its presence to John? Well, she'd cross that bridge when she came
to it.
Picking up her suitcase, she trudged down the path to what looked like an
administration building. It was. A perfectly ordinary-looking, middle-aged woman
checked her in. From the woman's casual manner she might have been checking into a
motel. Sally began to wonder if she'd gotten the right place.
Then the middle-aged woman rang a bell. A minute later a young attractive woman
came into the lobby. "Mrs. Benson," the older woman said. "This is Kathy, your trainer.
She'll introduce you and the dog."
"Hi," Kathy said in a bright cheerful voice. She was a pretty redhead, fairly short, with
short curly hair and a good figure. She was dressed in shorts and an air-brushed tee-
shirt, with a picture of a dog on it and the words, Woman's Best Friend. Sally was glad
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Old 12-24-2017, 10:25 AM
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Default to see someone had a sense of humor.

to see someone had a sense of humor.
"Let me show you where you're staying," Kathy said, leading Sally out of the lobby.
Once outside the redhead looked at Sally with interest. "Helen called me," she said.
"Helen Farnsworth. She asked me to set it up so that I was your trainer. I was hers. We
had a really good time together. She wants me to take good care of you."
Sally thanked Kathy. Privately, she was amused. No doubt Helen and Kathy had had a
good time together. Kathy was a good-looking girl. Sally imagined she would have
appealed to Helen's liberal tastes. She tried to imagine Kathy lying naked, with Helen's
head working busily between her thighs.
Not a bad idea, actually, she thought, eyeing the girl a little more carefully. Nice-
looking tits bouncing along under that tee shirt. Nice plump little legs, and she
probably had red pussy hair too. Sally almost laughed at herself. She was getting as bad
as Helen.
"How did you ever get into a job like this?" she abruptly asked Kathy.
Kathy smiled. "The money's awfully good," she replied, "and there are... side benefits.
Hell, why beat around the bush? I love fucking, and I get all I want here. The wildest
fucking in the world. I'm a dog freak. No hassles, don't have to put up with the usual
worries. Just fuck, fuck, fuck. When I heard about this place I just came out and signed
Well, Kathy was frank enough, Sally thought. "Is there much to this training?" she
Kathy wrinkled her pert little freckled nose. "Not with somebody like Helen. And
probably not with you. But some of the women who come out here... whew! Do they
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Old 12-24-2017, 08:27 PM
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Default give you a lot of trouble!"

give you a lot of trouble!"
Kathy looked around quickly. "Tell you what," she said "Since you're a friend of
Helen's, I'll show you some of the stuff you're not supposed to see. Come on in here."
She led Sally through a door in the side of a building without any windows. Sally was
surprised to find herself in a room-lined with television monitors. At first the flickering
images on the screens didn't make much sense.
Then she saw that each screen showed a dog and a naked woman. "It's all live," Kathy
said. "We have closed circuit T.V. in each of the rooms. All the women and dogs you
see are in practice sessions."
Sally moved closer to the monitors. In one, she saw a classic sight, a naked woman
down on all fours, being humped steadily from behind by a large boxer. "Uhhuh,"
Kathy said with a professional air. "Mrs. Smith is coming along all right."
The girl turned to another screen. "Look at that," she said. Sally moved closer. A large,
rather plump but good-looking woman was lying on her back, naked, mighty thighs
spread. Sally looked around for the usual dog, but at first couldn't spot anything. Then
she saw something fluffy moving busily between the woman's outspread legs. It was a
tiny toy poodle "That woman only likes the dogs to lick her," Kathy explained. "The
smaller the dog the better."
Sure enough, leaning close to the screen, Sally was able to make out the dog's tiny
tongue digging deep into the big woman's snatch. The woman had an enraptured
expression on her face. Her hands were busy caressing her own huge tits. Sally broke
out laughing. She had never seen anything so funny in her life.
Then she stopped laughing. She imagined she might look pretty funny to someone else,
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Old 12-25-2017, 06:27 AM
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Default with a dog humping her from behind, just because they didn't know how incredibly

with a dog humping her from behind, just because they didn't know how incredibly
wonderful it was to get fucked by one of those big red, needle-pointed pricks.
"We'd better get out of here before we get caught," Kathy said. "It's time to pick up
your dog, anyhow."
The young redhead, she couldn't have been much over nineteen Sally figured, led her to
another building. "This is a dormitory," Kathy explained, "but everybody has a separate
room. Your dog's already in your room decide when you see him if you like him. You
don't have to take him if you don't want to."
Kathy consulted a sheet of paper she was holding in her hand. "You specified a German
shepherd, didn't you? Yep. That's what's waiting. A German shepherd."
Kathy opened a door and led Sally inside. A big German shepherd sprang to his feet as
the two women entered. He stood, quivering, watching them intently, his large pointed
ears alert, his big brown eyes darting from one of them to the other.
"Oh, he's beautiful!" Sally burst out. He was indeed a beautiful dog, perfectly formed,
with a coat of lustrous silver-grey fur shading into black in places. His eyes were warm
and intelligent.
"You want him then?" Kathy asked, obviously pleased by Sally's reaction.
"You bet!"
"Good. I picked him myself." Now go ahead and get to know him a little. You just stay
here alone with him. I'll be back in about an hour."
Kathy turned to go, then looked back at Sally. "Oh," she added. "It might be a good
idea to think up a name for him, too."
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Old 12-25-2017, 04:28 PM
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Default The dog seemed to sense that a transfer was in progress. He looked up at Sally

The dog seemed to sense that a transfer was in progress. He looked up at Sally
hopefully. She knelt down and put her arms around his neck. He licked her face. "Oh,
you beautiful animal!" Sally said.
by the time Kathy returned, a bond had been formed. She and the dog belonged to one
another. Sally had just got out of the shower, and was wrapped in her robe when Kathy
knocked. "Come in," Sally said, smiling as the redhead entered.
"Have you thought of a name?" Kathy asked.
"Uhhuh. Prince." Now her dog would outrank Helen's dog.
"Okay, Prince and Sally. Time to get to work. Time to teach you each some new
Sally's heart leaped. God, she was going to get to fuck Prince already?
But there was more to it than that. "We have to teach him to connect your body with
sexual excitement," Kathy explained. "More exactly, we have to teach him to connect it
with your, uh... hell, with your cunt!"
"H-How do we do that?"
"Relax It's easy. First we get him to lick your cunt. Do you mind taking your robe off?"
"Lick my cunt? Already?" Sally asked breathlessly. She slowly took off her robe, aware
that Kathy's bright eyes were appraising her naked body critically. The young redhead
smiled "Lucky dog," she said.
Sandy wondered if the girl was going to try to make love to her. She decided she
wouldn't mind. But after that one lingering glance at her naked body, Kathy became all
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Old 12-26-2017, 02:28 AM
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Default business.

"Okay," she said, "go lie down over on the couch."
A broad low couch stretched along one wall, as big as a king-sized bed. Sally obediently
went over and lay down on it. "Okay, prince, come on over and do a little tongue-
work," Kathy said to the dog.
He came over willingly enough Kathy led him in between Sally's outstretched legs Sally
held her breath, waiting for the first touch of the animal's tongue.
But he didn't seem to know what to do. He snuffled at Sally's crotch for awhile, then
looked up, confused, aware that he was expected to do something but now knowing
what. Sally was very disappointed.
"Relax. This is where the training comes in," Kathy reassured her. She took a bottle out
of a bag she had brought with her. "This is some special stuff that smells like steak, or
something," she explained. "Dogs go nuts over the taste. Now hold your breath, or
something, because it'll be a little cold when I plaster it on your cunt."
Sally's breath sucked in as the cold liquid was smeared over her pussy lips. She felt
some of it trickling into her slit and tried not to flinch.
The results were immediate. As soon as he smelled the meaty liquid, Prince's ears
pricked up. Kathy had to hold him back until she had finished coating Sally's cunt.
Then she let him go. "Looks like it's going to work," she said matter-of-factly.
Prince's nose zeroed in on Sally's crotch. "Oh!" Sally gulped as his icy nose pressed
demandingly against her pussy lips. The dog snuffled busily, then, without warning, his
long thick tongue slithered past his gleaming teeth and started scooping the liquid from
Sally's cunt.
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Old 12-26-2017, 12:28 PM
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Default "Oooohhhhhh," Sally moaned, her body writhing as the animal's tongue lapped at her

"Oooohhhhhh," Sally moaned, her body writhing as the animal's tongue lapped at her
pussy lips. She was a little embarrassed to be reacting so strongly in front of Kathy, who
after all, was a stranger, but she couldn't help it. The sounds continued to bubble up
out of her throat. And her body seemed to be acting on its own, twisting and writhing
sensuously as the dog's tongue sank deeper and deeper into her slit, chasing the fast
disappearing bait.
"Let me put a little more on... just to make sure he keeps it up," Kathy said, pulling the
dog away long enough to smear on some more of the strong-smelling stuff.
Sally had no complaints. She was definitely enjoying the training session. Quivering
waves of overpowering pleasure were shuddering up from her tongue-lapped cunt,
spreading throughout her body, turning it into a mass of lusting desire.
She propped herself up on her elbows, watching as the dog's tongue pushed past her
pussy lips and swooped the full length of her shuddering slit. The dog looked up at her
once, his eyes warm and friendly as he licked.
When Prince had licked her cunt clean of the bait, Kathy decided not to put any more
on. "I think he's getting the idea already, that a cunt's worth licking just for its own
sake," she explained.
Kathy coaxed the dog to keep licking, even though Sally's twat was now shiny clean.
However, by now the blonde's pussy hole was gushing hot female juices like a newly
discovered oil well. The fragrant odors filled the dog's sensitive nostrils. He hesitated a
moment, sampling this new then decided he liked it.
His muzzle drove against Sally's pussy lips. His tongue snaked out again, splaying over
the girl's cunt. "Oooohhhhhh... oh, wonderful!" Sally panted. Now the dog was licking
her cunt just to be licking her cunt. It felt incredibly wonderful.
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