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Old 01-08-2018, 03:48 PM
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Default She almost immediately settled down, keeping her beautiful ass high so the dog could

She almost immediately settled down, keeping her beautiful ass high so the dog could
fuck more easily into her cunt.
John felt his cock getting hard as he watched the dog fuck the girl. The contrast of the
dog's hairy body against the cleanliness of the girl's naked flesh was oddly exciting. He
tried to see what her expression was as the dog hammered his prick deeper and deeper
into her obviously accepting cunt, but the mask was in the way. All he could see of her
was the glitter of her blue eyes and her mouth.
Her mouth fascinated him. The full red lips were parted a little as the girl gasped and
moaned. She obviously loved being fucked by the dog.
John kept staring at her lips. His cock got harder and harder. Finally an uncontrollable
urge forced him to his knees right in front of the masked girl's face. "Here... open your
mouth," he growled.
She gaped up at him. Was that fear he read in her blue eyes? But her mouth opened.
He immediately shoved his cock past her lips, feeling the wet heat of her mouth close
around his throbbing cock.
"Oh Jesus! This is really wild!" John moaned as the girl obediently sucked his cock. He
stared past her blonde head, down the sleek curve of her naked back and found himself
staring straight into the dog's yellowish eyes. The dog stared back, his tongue lolling
out over his mouthful of teeth, all the time fucking steadily. What a turn-on!
He looked down at the girl again. Something tugged at his mind. There was something
strangely familiar about her.
Slowly the realization grew. He knew this body, this mouth! With a strangled cry John
suddenly tore the mask from the girl's face. "Sally!" he cried.
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Old 01-08-2018, 08:59 PM
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Default It was his wife.

It was his wife.
As the two stared at one another, Helen quickly dropped down on her haunches next to
John. "I set this up," she said quickly. "It was about time you two learned to know one
another a little better. You've had some pretty funny ideas about each other. Just half
the picture. You've had some funny ideas about yourselves too."
John ignored Helen. "You... fuck dogs?" he blurted to his wife.
"I've got to fuck something," she said in a low voice. "Would you rather I fuck other
"No. No, I'm not condemning you," John said slowly. "I think maybe I understand.
After all, nobody dragged me to this orgy."
Suddenly the dog began to whine and howl. Sally's eyes shot open. "Oh!" she blurted.
"He's cumming! I've missed it and now I won't have a chance to cum!"
John stared in awe at the animal as it humped frantically into his wife's snatch, his
canine balls pumping her full of hot sperm. She was right. She was too late to cum
again. A sense of shame filled John as he remembered the countless times he had left
her hanging while he came and she didn't.
The dog had finished now and was hopping down from Sally's quivering buttocks. John
looked down at his own rigid, bone-hard cock, shiny with Sally's saliva. "You really
want to cum?" he asked her gently.
"I always want to cum," she replied passionately.
"Then lie on your back," he said. "I'll make you cum... with my cock!" And he squeezed
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Old 01-09-2018, 07:00 AM
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Default his swollen cock.

his swollen cock.
Sally rolled over, her eyes locked onto his huge prick. Hope was shining through her
passion. "You... you're really going to make me cum?" she asked doubtfully.
"Honey... I promise," he replied. And then he slammed his cock up into his wife's
waiting cunt. A stunned look of surprise crossed over her features.
"Oh, John!" she whimpered. "I think I've started cumming already!"


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