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Default Chapter 10

Chapter 10
As the weeks went by without Donna, Fay found herself thinking and dreaming more
and more about her young cousin. She missed the blonde's high spirits and her warm
body next to her at night. She missed having someone special who enjoyed listening to
the trivial gossip of her day at work.
The redhead had gradually grown ashamed of her selfish attitude toward Donna. If the
men paid more attention to her, it certainly wasn't Donna's fault. She didn't try to coax
them away from her cousin. It was the men who were automatically intrigued by her
youth and her unselfconscious beauty. Fay could understand that. Donna had affected
her the same way.
She felt miserable when she recalled the sour grapes attitude she had displayed when
Donna took her to her new apartment. The girl had been so proud. It was her first
place, all her own. Fay could have been more generous in her support.
Eventually the older woman grew so ashamed of herself that she put off seeing Donna.
Though she knew there would be no accusation in the teenager's eyes, Fay felt there
ought to be.
At last, one night, on impulse, Fay searched out the key Donna had given her and went
to her apartment. Eager to surprise her cousin, she didn't knock. Quietly, she let herself
in and tip-toed to the living room.
The thought had crossed Fay's mind that Donna might be busy with a customer. She
planned to deal with such an eventuality by watching or joining in, whatever felt right.
But she hadn't planned on the bizarre scene that greeted her.
The voluptuous blonde was kneeling over a chair, dressed in a military tunic, garters,

stockings and high heels. Fay had never seen such an outrageous costume. Nor had she
ever heard the likes of the insults the handsome man in the frilly white shirt was
hurling down on her cousin's head. Most amazing of all, Donna seemed to welcome his
comments. She squirmed her ass eagerly back against his impaling cock, aiding and
abetting him in his sadistic fury.
It took Fay a few moments of shocked watching to realize that the girl was taking the
man's cock in her ass! As far as Fay knew, the blonde had been a virgin there when she
left to become mistress to the man called Barney. Fay herself had been fucked in the ass
only a couple of times. Her depraved response had shocked even the worldly redhead,
and she had shied away from repeating the experience.
Donna's wanton performance, though, was a real-life advertisement for the pleasures of
sodomy. The blonde squirmed her ass-cheeks enthusiastically back to gather in each
new invasion of ecstasy. She praised the big man's brutal technique and his stiff filling
prick. It was as if she were his slave, and he her unyielding master. Her bizarre outfit
added to the illusion. She was obviously dressed that way to satisfy the blond man's
particular eccentricities.
"Uuuuuhhh! Oh Godddd! I'm commmm-ing g-g!" Mesmerized by the lewd abandon of
the girl, Fay watched her writhe out her orgasm. Only moments later the man, too,
came. Fay had to make an instant decision. She left the apartment and shut the door
quietly behind her. She decided that this definitely would not be a good time to
interrupt Donna. What was going on in there was a little too heavy to be taken lightly.
Only when she was driving home did Fay realize how turned on she had been by the
obscene coupling she had just witnessed. She had only recognized the shock that had
possessed her during the few minutes she watched Donna taking a cock in her ass. But
now, out on the open road, her clitoris throbbed with reminiscent excitement. She even

felt a little tingle in her asshole as she squirmed her buttocks salaciously down against
the car seat. She thought of her dog, Rudy, waiting for her at home, and she began to
entertain a lewd idea.
Once in her apartment, Fay lost little time in removing her clothes. She was intensely
hot by tow. Her clitoris was swollen with desire. Her cunt throbbed for attention. She
was more aware of the bidden hole of her anus than she had ever been before. As the
dog sniffed and licked at her nakedness, Fay poured herself a double Scotch and
downed it quickly. Now, she was ready, bolstered with the courage to carry out the
obscene plan she had made in the car.
She giggled as she kneeled on the living room rug and crawled up to the good-natured
dog. "Rudy, darling, you'll never guess what I saw tonight! It looked like so much fun! I
think we should try it, darling! Would you like to fuck me in the ass, Rudy?" Violent
tremors of arousal shook her body as she wondered at the boldness of her own words.
Was she really going to let herself do it?
She reached for the animal's cock-sheath and began to stroke it lovingly. Within
seconds, the tapered red tip of his cock peeked out. She grabbed hold of it and worked
her fingers expertly up and down. Her cunt flared with excitement as the dog-cock grew
and swelled in her hand. "Oh, Rudy! You're getting so excited, baby! Me, too! My
pussy's so wet. I can feel it running down my thighs! I'm hungry for your big cock,
The German shepherd began to fret. His feet scampered restlessly as his sex instinct
became more and more insistent. He was quick to oblige when the woman finally gave
him his order to mount her.
By luck and good timing, the animal's tapered prick found the opening to the woman's

pussy almost at once. Rudy began to saw his cock energetically in and out of the
sopping cunt while the woman moaned out her wanton approval. The woman's
buttocks and the dog's loins collided feverishly as they worked out the burgeoning
power of their lust.
Part of the woman's excitement was the lascivious knowledge of what she intended to
do once the dog's prick had become thoroughly coated with her juices and her pussy
had enjoyed a few fleeting moments' attention. Her alcohol-fired mind entertained lewd
images of herself kneeling subserviently before the dog as he reamed her asshole the
way Donna had abased herself before the handsome, wrathful man.
"Ooooohhh, Rudy! It's good, baby! Your cock feels so good in meee!" Trembling at her
daring, she reached back and grabbed hold of the animal's penis. She guided it only a
few millimeters upward, so it was pressing against the tight-clenched portals to her ass.
Rudy lunged forward and drove his long red cock deep into the woman's asshole.
"Uuuuuuhhh! Jee-zuz! It hurts!" Fay had not expected the pain that accompanied the
animal's harsh unyielding strokes in and out of her asshole. She tried to pull away, to
find a better angle to take his cock. Only thoughts of Donna kneeling blissfully in front
of the stranger's cock kept up her courage. If Donna could take it, so could she! She
would ride out the pain!
The tight-clutching paws around her waist and the hard-pummeling dog-cock really left
her no choice. Rudy was intent upon his staccato rhythm. It would have been a hard
fight to get him to relinquish the hot clasping tightness of her asshole.
"Aaaiiieeee! God-d-d!" It helped to scream, to let out the fear and tension. She imagined
how she must look, kneeling naked, taking a dog's prick up her ass. That image alone

was enough to take her mind off her distress. Her asshole relaxed enough to let the first
little pangs of pleasure replace the jolts of pain. "Ooohh! Ooooohhh, Rud-y-y-y!"
The dog had to struggle harder than usual to keep up his furious pace. Even with the
woman cooperating by squirming her ass back on every instroke, still the hole was tight
and the going rough.
Rudy seemed to enjoy his lusty efforts. He thrust deep into the clutching depths of her
asshole. His tongue lolled from his mouth to cool him. Drops of saliva dribbled down
onto the woman's sweat-streaked back.
"Fuck me, Rudy! Fuck my ass, honey!" The tremors of masochistic arousal that surged
up and down the woman's spine were turning her into a squirming, wailing monster of
lust. The idea of the dog's penis reaming her taut defenseless hole made her groan with
quivering self-abasement. She wanted it all. She wanted to demean herself as Donna
bad done in front of the man's turgid cock. She wanted to enjoy the same exhausted
satisfaction. She wanted to fuck until she collapsed.
This was the effect that being fucked in the ass had on Fay. It stripped her of every last
shred of her humanity. It turned her into a groveling, craving beast. It made her long to
be used and abused. It brought out the total animal in the petite redhead.
The atmosphere in the living room grew heavy as the woman labored tirelessly on the
end of the dog's cock, welcoming his tapered cudgel deep into her asshole. She shouted
gross obscenities at her pet, that became louder and more violent the closer she got to
orgasm. "God, oh, fuck! Shit! I'm commmming!"
Even in the midst of her abandon, she did not slow her pace. Her round ripe ass-cheeks
continued to slam back against the dog's loins. Her whole body strained with the

intensity of her efforts.
The dog was with her, putting every ounce of strength he possessed into their depraved
coupling. Over and over, he forced his ramrod cudgel far into her clasping hole. Then,
unexpectedly, he spewed a hot stream of cum deep into his mistress's rectum.
"Oh, Jeez, baby! That's it! Come in me! Come in my asshole!" This time, the orgasm
laid Fay low. She stretched out on the rug and let her body ride the friendly tides of
release. A thin tendril of cum joined her to her animal lover as Rudy sat licking himself
clean. Finally he followed the trail of his semen back to her ass-crevice and cleaned up
every last trace of their perverted indulgence.
"Ooohh! So good! So good, Rudy!" She fell asleep right on the rug, with the comforting
feel of the dog's tongue grooming her ass as though she were Rudy's cherished pick of
the litter.
After that fateful evening, Fay knew more than ever that she wanted to be close to
Donna again. Only the young blonde could understand the kind of cravings that had
gone through her cousin's body that night as she knelt before the dog, letting him fuck
her in the ass. Only Donna was enough of a hedonist to love and accept Fay for
everything she was. What's more, the redhead felt she could offer exactly the same
advantages to her young lover. They were cut of the same cloth, she and Donna. They
needed each other. It was a big world out there.
This time, Fay called before going over to the girl's apartment. Donna sounded
delighted to hear from her.
"Come right over? Will you? Please? And bring Rudy with you!"
Fay was trembling like a young girl with a hot date as she stood outside Donna's door

and rang the bell. As though the blonde had been waiting impatiently on the other side,
the door opened and Donna stood there, wide-eyed with excitement, her arms open in
welcome. She looked older and more sophisticated than she had the last time Fay saw
her. Part of it was the makeup, part the mink coat she wore. And her hair had been
At first Fay was somewhat intimidated by what she saw. A few weeks ago, she might
have been jealous of the girl's new image. Now she was only grateful to find the same
squealing enthusiasm, the same loving greeting. "Oh, Donna! I've missed you so
"Me too! I've thought about you every night and every time I jacked off!" Still the same
irrepressible teenager. She knelt down to cuddle the dog. Her coat fell open. Fay saw
she was naked underneath.
"That the only thing you've got to wear, honey?" she commented good- naturedly.
"Heck no! Barney and his friends have bought me loads of stuff. But it's been one of
my fantasies to gaze out over the city with my favorite lover, wearing my mink. And
you're my favorite lover," she added shyly, her eyes dropping to the floor. It was not
like Donna to be shy.
"Still?" Fay scarcely dared breathe. She hadn't known until just this moment how
important it was to her to hear Donna say that. She buried her face in the outthrusting
cushions of Donna's tits. "Oh, Donna, you're so wonderful! So wonderful!"
"Come on! I've opened a bottle of champagne. Rudy can have some too!"
"That sounds good!"

"I've got loads of stories to tell you, Fay! You won't believe some of them! Turns out
there are some strange men in the world, and some strangeness inside me, too."
"You're not strange, darling! You just happen to have more guts than most people,
that's all! People with guts have adventures-a little strange some times, maybe." She
smiled. "But worth having all the same." In the course of their chattering, Fay told
Donna about the night she had let herself into the apartment.
"You mean you saw me!"
"Are you blushing?"
"I just don't know what gets into me when I see Curt. He's a very powerful man."
"He looked it." Fay felt a tremor of lust surge through her loins as she recalled the long
hard cock skewering the blonde's tight pink asshole.
Donna too was getting excited. The idea that her cousin had been spying on her
depravity titillated her intensely. In her mind's eyes, she reconstructed a picture of
herself kneeling slavishly against the hardwood chair, welcoming the brutal penis far up
into her deified asshole. She could feel the juices beginning to surge from her pussy and
trickle down the insides of her naked thighs.
As if in answer to the prayers of Donna's aroused body, Fay fell to her knees in front of
the girl and parted the folds of her mink coat. She stroked lightly the thick patch of
blonde pussy-hair. Then, with a low groan, she drove her tongue against the slick
nubbin of Donna's clitoris.
"Aaaahhh!" Donna sighed and staggered, reaching for the back of a chair to support her
against the sensual assault on her sensitive crotch. Recovering equilibrium, she churned

her cunt mound up in Fay's face, begging her for more of the lascivious attention. "Lick
me some more, darling! It feels so good!"
Once she had her first tantalizing taste of her woman lover's pussy, nothing could have
stopped Fay from exploring deeper along the fleshy pink channel of her pussy.
"Mmmmmm!" With eager abandon, she swirled her tongue round and round Donna's
swelling cit. The tiny hooded member engorged to three or four times its normal size,
poking its way lewdly through the kinky tangle of cunt-hair. Fay pursed her lips around
Donna's clitoris and sucked, shaking her head from side to side as she did so. The
blonde wailed wantonly, at the same time, tangled her hands in Fay's hair, holding her
face to her pussy.
Donna pushed her mink coat wide open, to keep it out of the way of her slaving
mistress. She felt wonderfully abandoned to be standing in the midst of such luxurious
surroundings, dressed in this single expensive garment, reveling in her girl friend's
skilled head-job. Not for a moment, as she headed for the big city, had the girl
suspected the kinds of wonders she would behold there. As far as Danna was
concerned, her lewd experiences had it all over streets paved with gold. Gold was easy
to get. All one had to do was work for it. Pleasure, however, required a willing and
skilled companion, preferably a devoted lover. That was the rarest treasure of all. Her
long weeks of loneliness had told her that.
Sure she had had lots of fun, lots of lovers. But she hadn't had the comforting sense of
closeness that Fay offered her. Everything seemed better with Fay around. Donna hoped
that, some day, when they got married, they could live together and raise their children
together. Of course, they would have to find compatible husbands. Compatible with
each other, that is, as well as with the women.
Such daydreams floated through the girl's head as she ground her face against her

cousin's tongue. She shivered and moaned as Fay stabbed her tongue into the yielding
hole of her cunt. The little prod made its way a short distance up inside, shaking
tremors of passion from the blonde's every nerve-ending. The excitement intensified.
The juices flowed more freely from her hungry pussy.
"God, darling, you're so excited." Fay had replaced her tongue in Donna's ciint with a
finger. She rotated it salaciously up inside. "Your pussy's so wet! I bet I know what you
want!" She stared pointedly at the big German shepherd who sat patiently nearby.
So absorbed was she with the very talented proddings of Fay's tongue, Donna had not
even thought of Rudy and his stiff cock. It had been weeks since she had enjoyed a
dog's penis in her pussy. Now, as she considered the prospect of this forbidden
pleasure, her whole body shook with pleasure.
"Oh yes! Oh God, yes! That's what I want!"
"Then kneel down, baby! I'll help you!" Quivering with excitement, Fay helped the girl
arrange her mink coat on the rug. For some reason, Donna wanted to get screwed on
the coat. She assumed a kneeling position in the middle of the expensive fur and waited
in greedy anticipation as Fay summoned the dog. She felt the familiar brisk slap on-her
buttocks and she trembled.
"Come on, Rudy! Get up here, baby!"
The dog sniffed along the blonde's ass-crevice before mounting her. Already his prick
was poking from his furry sheath, getting longer by the minute. Fay stroked him a
couple of times to make sure he was good and hard. "God! His prick's like a rock,
Donna! You're going to love it!"
The round smooth buttocks wriggled impatiently. "I know. I've missed Rudy so much! I

love the way he fucks me!" Donna felt like a submissive child. After her weeks of
independence, she enjoyed having Fay do everything for her, including getting the
animal ready to screw her. She waited eagerly as she saw Fay reach for the tapered shaft
of Rudy's cock.
The next thing she knew, she was taking a dog-cock deep into her pussy.
"Aaaaaggghhh!" It was almost like the first time. But there was no pain. Just swirling,
overwhelming excitement.
At once, the girl writhed her shapely ass-cheeks back to meet the solid pace of the
animal's rhythmic fucking. She relished the lewd feel of Rudy's paws clutching her hips,
the collision of his hairy loins against her ass. For a moment, she wondered what Curt
would think if he could see her now. Instinctively, she knew it would turn him on,
though he would want to punish her afterwards for her depravity. The thought made
the juices gush out around Rudy's cock.
So many things, she had learned to enjoy. She realized she could never give any of
them up. She craved them all. The woman. The dog. The admiring men. The sadist.
The cocks, cunts, tongues, paws, fingers that combined to make a living collage of her
incredibly wanton sex life. "Oh, Rudy! Screw me! Screw meeee!"
Fay smiled lustily at the sight of her young cousin writhing before the pummeling force
of her dog's cock. It was so good to be in this space with Donna again. During their
estrangement, Fay had tried making love with other women, sharing Rudy with them.
But it hadn't been the same. None of them had the same contagious sexuality as
Donna. Or the same naive good humor. She was the perfect child-woman. Fay wanted
her never to change.
She had been frightened for a moment when she found Donna in a fur coat and

makeup. The thought of success spoiling such a perfect ripe fruit made her miserable.
She was beginning to realize that Donna would never change. She was too honest. She
wanted what she wanted, and that was lots of good raunchy sex. The rest was icing, not
to be taken seriously.
The redhead squirmed her body around beneath her striving cousin and clasped a
swollen pink nipple between her lips. She sucked hungrily while her fingers played in
the juicy slit of her twat. She could feel the energy of the dog's fucking radiated through
the girl. And from the girl it charged its way all the way down to Fay's impressionable
pussy. The sheer power of their three-way coupling shook Fay to the marrow.
"Oooooohhhh! Oh, I'm commmming!"
The combined effects of the dog's cock in her cunt and her cousin's mouth on her tit
made Donna go lurching down the path to release right behind Fay. "Ooooohhh,
darlings! Me too! I'm coming, too!"
The dog was still pummeling the welcoming pussy before him with unabated
enthusiasm. Fay continued to suck on Donna's nipples, first one, then the other. She
had been surprised to hear the other girl coming right along with her. When they were
together, Donna had always been slow to come. Clearly, the blonde had learned a thing
or two since then. Learned to let go, no strings attached.
At last came the dog's turn to climax. He took his blonde-headed lover over the top
with him. "Oooooh! He's doing it in meeee! God, it's so goood!"
Fay rammed her fingers furiously in and out of her pussy. Until she, too, was riding the
wings of a second victory. "Mmmmmmm!"
Later in the evening, Donna announced that she wanted to go back to living with Fay.

"You mean you could give all this up?"
"All what? I'm sure my men friends will still visit me. I want you for my roommate!
And that's that!" She took Fay in her arms and held her close. Suddenly the little cousin
had become big sister.
"Oh Donna! I'm so glad!"
Some changes were made this time in the women's living arrangements. Both agreed to

Come join us at

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Default Chapter 11

Chapter 11
Donna applied for a job opening at an accounting firm that dealt with Fay's office. She
was given the job. At first, she complained about having to get up at six-thirty every
morning to ride to work with Fay an hour later. But Fay convinced her it was the wisest
thing to do.
"You may as well use your secretarial skills before you get out of practice. Besides, I
think it's good to have something to keep you independent from the men that come by,
if you know what I mean."
Donna had to admit Fay was right. Much as she had enjoyed her pampered existence in
Barney's apartment at times she did get bored. Now, she found herself making new
friends and participating in aspects of city life that she had missed in her closed
existence as a kind of courtesan. She went shopping with the girls. She began to date
men from the office, men who treated her like a lady, who expected nothing of her that
she did not choose to give. She even joined a skydiving club.
Despite her broadened social life, she still enjoyed her sessions with Fay and their men
clients. In fact, she looked forward to the nights each week when she could break loose
of the formality of her daytime life as a nice little secretary with nice little friends and
interests. Sometimes, she joked to Fay, she felt like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Her Mr.
Hyde liked to revel in sexual depravity, to test her body's limits, to abase and exalt
herself in the fires of wanton lust.
On her side, Fay vowed not to let herself fall prey to petty jealousy. She realized now it
had shaken her self-confidence to suddenly be compared to a girl seven years her junior
and already matching her in sexual proficiency. Sure now of Donna's devotion, she
could take in her stride the men who preferred Donna to her. She could see that there

were plenty who preferred her talented maturity. She no longer felt compelled to see
Donna as a rival.
Over cocktails with a favorite client one evening, the two women let their imaginations
run wild. They were both tipsy. Before they knew it, they had agreed to entertain the
man called Dave and three of his friends, all in one evening. Each of the women was
going to be sandwiched.
"I've never tried that," Donna giggled.
"Neither have I!"
The next morning, they were a little apprehensive about their ambitious plans. "Too late
to back out now." Fay shrugged her shoulders resignedly. "I don't intend to back down
on a deal. They'd think they scared me off!" She was making light of the situation, but
deep down she was frightened. Taking two cocks at once seemed an intensely titillating
idea. Also an awesome one.
Friday night, the men arrived precisely at eight o'clock carrying two bottles of booze.
The women kept up with the men in their intake of alcohol. They felt they needed
loosening up if they were going to see the dare through.
Two of the men were balding and middle-aged. One was Dave, the other his friend,
Luke. The youngest of the foursome was a handsome young blond called Jess. He was
Luke's son, and Donna thought he was cute. She enjoyed the way he nervously eyed
her tits through her peignoir while they sat and drank. The fourth was a shy short man,
about thirty. He was introduced by Dave as Pete. He drank silently, smiling at the
others' jokes, but adding none of his own.

The tension mounted as the alcohol took its effect. The thoughts of everyone in the
room were only superficially on the conversation at hand. Each was looking forward in
his or her own way to the orgy that had brought them all together.
It was Dave who interrupted the relative decorum of the drinking party by squeezing
himself in between the two women on the couch and started to fondle their tits through
their skimpy peignoirs. He chuckled drunkenly as he watched the other men grow
wide-eyed with envy. "What're you guys just sitting there for? Let's have us some fun!
Believe me, we're in the right place to do it!" He squeezed Fay's nipple extra hard.
"Isn't that right, Fay honey?"
"Yes, Dave, you've got it!" His pinch made goosebumps run up and down the redhead's
spine. Now that she had been fortified by a couple of drinks, she felt anxious to
experience the lewd double impalement the man planned for her. Her cunt throbbed
lustily in expectation of being filled fuller than it had ever been filled before.
Rising a little shakily to her feet, the older woman unfastened her thin garment and
threw it carelessly onto the floor. She fondled her own tits as she looked challengingly
at the men. "I'm ready if you are, boys!" Her voice was low and husky, filled with lust.
Donna could see that the young man called Jess was dying to reach out and touch her
tits. Seductively, she opened her peignoir and slid over to him where he sat on the far
end of the couch. She rubbed her tits salaciously against his chest. "You like my titties,
Jess?" she asked him. His reply was a pained bobbing of his Adam's apple. Then he,
like the others, rose to his feet and feverishly began to undress.
When Jess was naked, he seemed to become a new man. Boldly, he wrapped his arms
around the young blonde and pulled her forward, so her tits were against his face. He
sucked hungrily on first one outthrusting orb and then the other as he kneeled in front

of her on the rug. Donna moaned with delight and satisfied her sensual longings by
watching the hard cocks as the three other men paraded around the room. Like Fay, her
gaze lingered on the small shy man's cock. Pete was hung like a donkey, his prick long
and hard and inviting. Her pussy throbbed just to look at it. Already Fay had grabbed
hold of the swollen cudgel and was stroking it. Then, without warning, the redhead
took the whole massive instrument into her throat. She groaned greedily as her lips
worked back and forth.
"Look at that, will you!" Dave cried excitedly. "The girls always go for Pete when they
get a load of his donkey dick!" He and Luke stroked the older woman's ass and cunt
with lascivious urgency as she knelt in front of Pete and sucked hungrily on his prick.
Overwhelmed by the passion of his attachment to Donna's tits, the youngest man of the
foursome started to scramble up onto the couch to mount her.
Duke called him off. "Hey, boy! That's against the rules! This is share and share alike
tonight. Now come on over here and let's make ourselves a Dagwood!"
Reluctantly, Jess picked Donna up off the couch and carried her to the place on the rug
where the others had gathered.
"Go ahead, Jess! Lie down on the rug next to Pete there! You guys can have pussy!
We'll take the assholes!"
Donna trembled as one of the men guided her down onto Jess's hard-swollen cock. She
sat down on him, taking the whole rigid length deep into her cunt. "Aaahhhh! God, it's
"Shit, yes!" the boy agreed. "What a pussy! Christ! It's so tight!" Jess reached for her

lush hips and helped guide her squatting push-ups over his palpitating member.
"Uuuuhhh! Dad, this is the best thing I ever had!"
Luke watched proudly as his son lunged his hips upward, impaling the quivering girl
again and again with his ramrod prick. "Chip off the old block!" he exclaimed with
satisfaction. Then his attention switched to Pete, lying next to Jess, and the voluptuous
redhead who was lowering herself down onto his thick rigid penis.
Fay's cunt flared in anticipation of swallowing up the blood-engorged shaft of the quiet
man's awesome prick. She sat down slowly, feeling his thickness spreading her pussy-
walls wide. All her fear evaporated with the sheer joy of accepting a filling hard cock
deep in her craving cunt. "Ooooohhhh, God, Pete, your cock is soooo good in meee!"
Dave and Luke stood side by side, watching the younger men guide the screwing
motions of the two beautiful women that squatted over them. They watched the ripe
churning curves of Donna's full shapely ass-cheeks gyrating next to the smaller, tauter
ass of the older woman. They fell to their knees to get a closer look at the way the rigid
penises pushed the pink flesh open and forced their throbbing way deep inside. The
women's ceaseless moans of ecstasy made their own cocks pulse for attention.
Pricks in hand, Dave and Luke exchanged a significant glance. It was time to move in!
Squatting on the rug-Luke behind Donna, Dave behind Fay-they pushed the women
forward slightly so they were screwing on hands and knees, fucking the amazed men in
the classic missionary position.
"Jee-zuz Christ! Jee-zuz Christ!" Pete muttered over and over again. He was a man of
few words, but each one was packed with meaning.

Jess was struggling to keep control of his throbbing cock as he forced it far up into
Donna's hot clinging pussy. The thought that be was about to share the voluptuous
teenager with his own father made him shake with excitement. This was a ritual
initiation like nothing lie had dared dream of, until his father suggested it. For the last
four days, he had been thinking of nothing else. He had been walking around with
practically a perpetual hard More than anything, he wanted to fulfill his father's
expectations, and to please the beautiful woman squirming over him. He took a firm
grip of Donna's buttocks and held her down, exposing her puckered target to his
father's lustful gaze.
"Jee-zuz, look at this sweet little asshole!" Luke prodded the tiny hole with his fingertip
which he had coated liberally with K-Y jelly. He didn't want to hurt the woman. He
wanted her to enjoy this bizarre coupling as much as he intended to.
"I'm looking! I'm looking!" Dave replied excitedly. Fay was holding her own ass-cheeks
apart, exposing her tiny opening to the aroused man as he coated his prick with the
Luke and Dave kneeled at the ready up behind the two women, their bulbous cock-
heads pressing against the resisting sphincters before them.
Luke's cock soared deep up into Donna's prepared asshole. "Aaaaiiieeee!" The girl did
not know what to think at first of the incredible filling pressure created by harboring
two swollen cocks in her body. She looked over at Fay for guidance.
"Jee-zuz! Jee-zuz Christ! Uuuuuuhhh, God-d-d!" A crazy lewd grin possessed the
redhead's features as she thrust herself back onto Dave's hot iron-hard prick. Gone was
the last vestige of her fear and doubt. The older woman was enjoying the ultimate
abuse, the ultimate pleasure. She was filled as full as any woman could be filled. And

she loved it! "Fuck me, you fuckers! Fuck me!"
Matching her own movements to Fay's, Donna began to squirm her buttocks down
onto the two turgid members. She was in awe of the amazing filling sensation she was
experiencing. She was so full of cock! The depraved thought turned her on, and soon
she too was wailing like a banshee, begging to be fucked and fucked. "Oh, God-d-d-d!
Yesssss! It's sooo good-d-d!"
Each of the men had been looking forward to this evening in his own way. None had
expected a scene quite as wanton as this one. The room seemed to be filled to
overflowing with squirming, ecstatic bodies. Their ears were filled with
incomprehensible moans of pleasures. Their senses had all deferred to the incredible
titillation emanating from their deeply embedded cocks.
They were aware of the motion of another hard cock, moving only a membrane away
from their own. They worked their cocks back and forth in the hot clinging passage
assigned them.
It had been only a few months since young Donna had come to the big city. She would
never have believed then what she was experiencing now. She would never have
believed such perversity even existed. But with her boundless enthusiasm, she would
probably have been willed to improvise. The girl had brought 'with her incredible
capacity for sensuality. Now she had found her proper outlet. Fay had been a perfect
teacher. Donna continued to be the most willing and apt of pupils.
When the explosions finally came, they were fierce. One after another, the four men
and two women cried out their 'victories to the shaking rafters. They lay in a great heap
of humanity for some time, trying to digest the reality of what had just happened. None
of them would ever be quite the same for what they had just undergone.

Donna for one knew that the farm was now irrevocably a thing of her past. As for the
future, she would not be going to college next year. The education she was picking up
at home with cousin Fay was worth five college degrees.

Come join us at
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