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Cool DOG-STYLE COUSIN – a fictional story about a girl who must cope with trying circumstances.


By Janet McCoy


The seething passions that lurk within many individuals are often masked by a veneer
of normalcy, exposed under extremely tempting or trying conditions.
There are those men and women, who after a few drinks at a party, will take on all
comers. Or the man who, watching a strip show at a stag party, abandons a normal
code of behavior and climbs up on stage with the girl and performs with her in front of
his friends. And the couple who, under group pressure, join the neighborhood wife-
The young blue-eyed lass in this story, Donna, is one of these outwardly prim and
proper individuals who is drawn from the world of normalcy by a cold, Puritan
environment. Her response to that environment, to many, will be shocking but
nonetheless a chronicle of what may happen when one needs only the proper stimulus
to arouse them.
DOG-STYLE COUSIN – a fictional story about a girl who must cope with trying
-The Publisher

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Default Chapter 1

Chapter 1
"Oh, God, that feels good! Do it to me like that!"
Fred Evans could scarcely believe his eyes and ears. When his friend Hank had told him
this red-headed whore was really something. Fred had gotten himself ready for a good
time. Not in his wildest dreams had he expected anything this good. Not in his wildest
dreams had he expected anything this good. Hungry Fay was the answer to a roving
salesman's fondest prayers.
The redhead's curvaceous ass was swaying lewdly in Fred's face. He had two fingers
rammed up inside her wet cunt and he was fingerfucking her ruthlessly while she knelt
doggie-style in front of him on the couch. With astounding force, she thrust her naked
buttocks back against his hand. Her pussy seemed to swallow his fingers on every
instroke. He watched with titillated glee each time his fingers pulled out of her. They
shone with an obscene coating of her juices.
"Does that feel good, baby?" he growled down at her. His voice was shaking with
excitement. He was intensely aware of her big German shepherd, sitting only a few
steps away, watching their every move. His hard cock swayed ominously at the thought
of what was about to happen. His friend Hank had told him all about Fay's specialty,
and that was what Fred wanted to see.
"Oh, Christ, yes! My pussy's so hot! I'm gonna come any minute! I know it!" The
obvious arousal in the man's voice fired the furnace in Fay's lusty belly. She enjoyed the
double life she led - a demure secretary by day, a wanton whore by night. Her specialty
was giving her customers the kind of thrill it was hard to find anywhere else.
As she continued to squirm her ass-cheeks back against the man's hand, she looked

over at her pet German shepherd, sitting patiently, expectantly, nearby. "Don't worry,
baby! Your turn will come!" The dog wriggled a little bit closer to the naked humans.
The woman's cunt flared with moist excitement.
Her growing abandon drove Fred to more vigorous efforts. His fingers flew in and out
of her clutching cunt-hole. With his free hand, he alternately stroked his painfully
throbbing cock and clutched at her round, dangling tits. With so much erotic input,
Fred Evans hardly knew what to do first. The woman was turning him on in a way he
had never known before. The sheer intensity of her wanton striving was contagious.
Already he knew that he would enjoy the orgasm of a lifetime this evening. "Oh, yeah,
honey! Move that sweet tight ass of yours! Oooeeee! You've got a hot pussy!'
Fay knew the man was talking, but she didn't hear what he was saying. Too much was
going on inside her squirming, trembling body. "Oooohhh, yeah! God, yeah-h-h!
Aaaahhhlthh. I'm commmmm-ing!"
Her whole being quaked. Her ass slammed fitfully back against Fred. Her pussy-
muscles clutched his fingers convulsively. The traveling salesman had never seen a
woman come like this before. His cock lurched excitedly as the dog crept a little closer.
"Jeezuz, baby! You really know how to get it off! Look at Fido here! You've got him all
excited!" He could see a huge red erection dangling from the animal's loins. The
thought of seeing that dog-prick rammed up inside her greedy belly sent a ripple of
enthusiasm through his jaded loins.
"Uuuuhlth!" Fay was still half delirious with the avalanche effects of her climax. She
peered dimly through a disheveled mass of red hair at the nervous dog. At once his
erection caught her eye. No sooner was she done with one orgasm than her belly began
to throb at the prospect of more! "Oh, Rudy, darling! Your cock's all hard, baby! Do
you want to fuck mama?"

Her obscene proposition sent a new shudder up Fred's spine. He had never heard
anything as perverted as her lascivious words directed at a brute animal! "Holy Christ!"
he murmured as the dog nuzzled her outstretched hand. Fred pulled his sodden fingers
from her cunt and stood up. It was time for Rudy to take over where he had left off.
The power of her orgasm had forced Fay flat down onto her belly. Now, once again, she
wriggled up onto hands and knees, doggie-style, in preparation for the onslaught of the
aroused dog. For just a moment, she looked up at the man. The big-eyed excitement on
his face sent a lurid thrill through her loins. For Fay, half the fun of being lewd was the
erotic responses her behavior drew from an audience. The redhead was an exhibitionist
at heart.
"Are you all ready to watch me screw Rudy?"
Her teasing made him blush hotly. But he never took his eyes off her ripe, upturned
ass. She reached back and slapped her buttock harshly, reveling in the excited gleam in
the man's eyes. She turned her attention to the dog. "Come on, Rudy! Get up here,
boy! Get up here and fuck my brains out!"
Her cunt, already sopping from her orgasm, flared anew as she felt the dog's weight on
the couch behind her. A lusty grin on her face, she stared up at the ceiling, waiting for
the moment when the dog would take her. She shuddered as his hairy paws gripped her
hips. At once, his hefty cock began to slap against her thighs as he lunged forward in
search of her hot waiting hole. "Mmmmmm, come on, Rudy, baby! Do it to me, boy!"
As anxiously as she wriggled her ass back in the animal's direction, his cock continued
to miss the fleshy wet target of her pussy. The woman grew more and more frantic. She
gyrated her hips this way and that, trying to trap the dog's cock-shaft in her greedy
cunt-opening. "Mmmmmm, Rudy. Come on, boy!"

As his excitement grew, Fred lost his self-consciousness about being a voyeur at such a
shameless mating. He fell to his knees next to the couch and watched the long tapered
cock-shaft struggle to find purchase in the hairy red nest of her pussy. From time to
time, he stole a look at the woman's face. It was a mask of lust as she strained back over
her shoulder, egging the dog on. At last, her dazed eyes found Fred's.
"Please, please help him! Help him find my pussy!"
Though his hand shook as he reached for the rigid shaft of the dog's penis, Fred didn't
hesitate to help the woman. He was far too eager to see her screw the dog not to
cooperate in any way he could. He grabbed Rudy's blood-engorged prick and guided it
in along her pussy-slit.
Sensing that the guiding hand was going to bring him closer to his goal, the dog's
rutting motions became more eager, more spasmodic. As soon as Fred had led his cock-
tip to the yielding softness of her damp opening, Rudy lunged forward with one mighty
stroke that impaled her deep.
"Aaaaaaaggghhh! Ooooohhhh, yesssss! That's it! Uuuhh, I always forget just how
wonderful it feels! As quickly as the dog adjusted to establish a hard-driving rhythm up
into her cunt, Fay began to slam her ass back to meet his every ruthless lunge. The
thing she loved most about her German shepherd's screwing was the relentless pace
Rudy maintained, right up to the moment of the last resounding climax. She felt like
she was being run over by a force far greater than herself. There was no question of
shrinking back or resisting. The only thing for her to do was to move with the tide of
the animal's excitement.
Her helplessness made her feel very free, very wanton. Rudy's savage screwing was
bigger than both of them. And no matter what, she could count on at least one sweet

orgasm before the end. "Uuuuuhhh, you couldn't know how good this feels! Jeeeee-z-
Fred was shocked by the sheer fury of the woman's response to the dog's tireless pace.
Her jaw hung slackly open. Her tongue darted nervously over her 11 as she stared
unseeing up at the ceiling. It was as if she had been reduced to nothing more than an
animal herself, by the relentless pummeling of the dog's talented prick.
The blood pounded through Fred's engorged cock as he grew progressively more
engrossed in the redhead's shameless performance. He had never seen a woman who
could abandon herself so totally to the lascivious call of the senses, no matter what the
cost to her dignity and self-respect. The salesman felt the evening was well worth every
penny it was costing him. He couldn't have asked for a better show. "Goddamn.
Goddamn!" he rasped.
The more abandonedly she squirmed, the more insistently Fred's penis demanded
attention, It was pure torture for the older man to watch the young beauty churning
under the dog's stiff cock while his own cock had to throb unattended in his hand.
When he hit upon a solution to his dilemma, it seemed so simple, he wondered why he
hadn't thought of it sooner.
The dog's ferocious pace had driven Fay right against the arm of the couch. Her tits
were squashed carelessly against the green plush fabric. Fred positioned himself at the
end of the couch. His cock was at just the right height for her mouth. She was too
absorbed in the sweet feelings ricocheting through her naked body to notice the
availability of Fred's turgid penis. Fred chose the quickest technique to draw her
He grabbed her by her red hair and forced her mouth against his bulbous cock-head.

"Mmmmm. Mmmpphhhh!" It took her a moment to realize what was happening. But
as soon as she identified the thick filling presence in her mouth, she began to suck
greedily. There was no question that she welcomed this new tantalizing violation. Now
she was filled and sated at both ends.
Right from the first instant her mouth contacted his cock, Fred felt like he had just
fallen into an incredible sweet vat of pleasure. Her lips were soft and smooth as honey.
They caressed his ramrod cudgel from cock-head to base, bathing him in flowing warm
excitement. Her tongue acted like a little electric prod, stabbing him urgently,
unexpectedly, summoning up a lurching response from deep in his balls. "Uuuuuhh!
Jee-zuz, woman! Do you know how to give head!"
The sight of her shapely ass-cheeks wriggling back against the dog's hairy loins added
fresh fuel to Fred's flaring arousal. It astounded him the way she was able to service
both cocks so enthusiastically, so greedily. Neither the dog's prick nor his own suffered
neglect for one moment. She was one hell of a woman, with an appetite for sensuality
that appeared to know no bounds.
Her lusty mewling as she licked and stabbed and sucked his palpitating cock was music
to the salesman's ears. Her obvious erotic contentment was exhilarating. It made him
feel at the same time both intensely appreciated and inspired to bring her to new outer
reaches of pleasure. He clasped her head firmly on either side and forced her mouth
back and forth along his cock-shaft. His mastery of her slavish endeavors seemed to
turn her on. She moaned masochistically.
"That's it, honey! Suck it! Suck my prick, baby! Oh, yeah! How does that big dog-cock
feel up in your hungry little twat?" His raunchy comments spewed unchecked from his
lips. He liked to talk dirty when he was really excited. The great thing about this
woman was that she seemed to like hearing them as much as he enjoyed saying the

inciting words. Her firm white ass gyrated appealingly under the dog's tireless stroking.
She moaned around the hard filling presence in her mouth.
The dog's efforts seemed to grow more fierce. Rudy's tongue lolled from his mouth.
Splashes of saliva dropped onto Fay's naked squirming back. The sight made Fred's
cock jerk inside the woman's working mouth. He tugged on her hair and made her
work faster and harder over his swelling cock-shaft.
Fay's body was ablaze with arousal. She had gone into the business of whoring with her
dog Rudy to make some extra cash. But the very idea of being watched in her depraved
abandon - while she was living out the part of a wanton whore - appealed to her even
more than the money. She liked the intense excitement her life acquired when she was
involved in some no-holds-barred sexual entanglement. She liked to turn men on and to
be turned on herself. Taking money for her daring escapades was like putting frosting
on an already rich cake. It made it all that much better.
Fred was a good subject. He had been sent to Fay by a steady client. That was the way
she got all her business - by word of mouth. The older man was totally absorbed in the
lusty situation that had developed on the redhead's living room couch. Fay enjoyed the
sound of his heavy breathing. She liked his harsh, obscene comments. And, most of all,
she liked the hard swelling cock that sawed relentlessly in and out of her mouth. The
man's excitement fed her own, added fresh coals to a fire that was already blazing high.
"Oh God! God, I'm commming-g-g!" she managed to wail between cock-mouthfuls.
Her body convulsed in a shuddering delight of pleasure. But she didn't let herself go
completely. She still had two hungry men to satisfy.
"Christ, Fay! You're something else!" She was coming again, this time responding to
the depraved excitement of taking two hard cocks at once - the one reaming her pussy
wide, the other invading her mouth in sure filling strokes. She was like a sex machine -

a flesh-and-blood embodiment of lust. Her tits bounced as she strove to bring both
males to fruition.
The dog panted. The man grunted. The woman groaned. All three orgiasts were lost in
a lurid pleasure world that captivated their senses and dulled their minds. For long
minutes the room was filled with the primitive sounds of their rutting ecstasy.
Fred looked from the woman to the dog and back again, still scarcely able to believe
that he had discovered such an incredible abandoned woman or that he was getting his
cock sucked by a woman who was at the same time fucking a dog! His brain reeled. His
balls throbbed with his excitement. He caught the strained look on the animal's face
just at the moment when Rudy was coming.
The realization gave Fred a new added jolt of perverted excitement. "My God! He's
coming in you, Fay! He's filling your pussy full of dog jism! Jee-zuz!" He could feel his
own load boiling to the surface, coaxed skillfully by the slavishly sucking woman.
"Aaaaiiieee! You're doing it to me! Look out, baby! Here comes a mouthful!" Fred held
her head to his cock, forcing her to drink his welling juices. It pleased him the way she
bent hungrily to her task, the way she licked her lips with satisfaction when he finally
let her free.
Though she had brought both males over the hump, Fay could feel one last explosion
still lurking inside her own belly. While Fred watched in amazement, she began to rub
her clitoris roughly as she still knelt in her doggie position, deserted now by the sated
dog. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. He could see there was a great struggle
going on inside her tense, naked body. Then, totally unexpectedly, the burden seemed
to lift from her face. She was liberated!

"Uhhhh! God, I'm commmin-ing-g-g!" Fay collapsed once again, onto the couch,
reveling in the lulling stupor produced by her third orgasm of the evening. She paid no
attention to the dog, who sat cleaning himself on the other side of the coffee table. Or
to the man, who had struggled to the nearest chair where he sat, numbly staring at the
ceiling, waiting to be returned to reality. Watching Fay masturbate herself to orgasm
had been the last blow in a pleasure onslaught for Fred.
When Fay recovered from her euphoria, she lost little time in reminding her visitor that
it was getting late. "After all, I'm a working girl," she told him cheerily. "A
moonlighting working girl!" Fred slowly got himself back into his clothes. He pulled
out the agreed upon fee, with a twenty-dollar bonus. "It was worth it all, Fay. You're
sensational! Next time I'm in town, I'll look you up. And next time, I want to fuck you
myself!" He winked lewdly.
"Sure, Fred, however you like it, baby!" She was constantly amazed at how men
sometimes resembled little boys. Particularly when they thought they were going to get
their hands into the cookie jar. She breathed a sigh of relief when she had finally got
her client out the door. Fay enjoyed her sessions with men, but she valued her privacy,
too. She didn't have a lot of it.
She had just settled back on the couch with a hot toddy when there came a knock at
the door. Assuming it was Fred with a last comment or request, Fay struggled to
resume her public expression before opening the door. She was all smiles when she
found herself face to face with a busty young blonde with a mane of long kinky hair
and a suitcase.
"Hi, cousin Fay. Remember me? I'm Donna!"
"Donna?" Her visitor was so far from what Fay had been expecting that it took the

redhead a few minutes to collect her wits about her. "Donna who?"
"Donna Parker. You're Uncle Ernie's girl. You remember me! I used to bug you all the
time to buy me bubble gum!"
"Oh, Donna!" The light was beginning to break, but Fay wasn't sure she was liking
what she saw. She hadn't been back home in almost seven years. Her parents and she
exchanged polite cards at Christmas. That was all. Now all of a sudden she was visited
with a cheerful, big-titted teenaged cousin with obvious plans for her spare room.
Whether she liked it or not, it looked like Fay had a house guest.
The young blonde was growing impatient.
"Well?" she demanded cheerfully. "Do I get to come in, or do you want me to go to the
Fay had never been one for family ties, but the girl's appealing smile tugged at a cord of
nostalgia buried somewhere deep inside. "Of course I don't want you to go to the Y!
Come on in, Donna! I'm glad to see you!" To her surprise, she really was glad.

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Default Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Fay and Donna sat up until well after one, talking and getting acquainted. The older
woman found the irrepressible enthusiasm of her pretty young cousin impossible to
resist. By the time she went to bed, she was completely captivated by her visitor.
Donna had just finished high school. She had come to the big city to look for a job. Her
long-range plan was, within a couple of years, to save up enough money to go to
college. In the meantime, she was bursting with enthusiasm for the idea of being alone
and unsupervised for the first time in her life. "You probably never knew it," she
confided to Fay, "but I always admired you. I've always wanted to be just like you.
You're the only one of the family so far who's broken away from the farm life and made
it to the big city. I'm going to be the second," she announced proudly.
At least as much as her personality, Fay was captivated by Donna's natural beauty. She
wore no makeup. Her kinky blonde hair stood out like a great halo around her head.
The dress she wore was a simple short-sleeved cotton. Her entire appearance was one of
lack of pretension. Now Fay could recognize the little girl who had always had a
mouthful of bubble gum. Only now the little girl had a full-blown set of tits that,
although she wore no bra, stood proudly out from her chest in complete defiance of
gravity. Her waist was small and 'flared out into a set of taut rounded buttocks. The girl
excited Fay. She was so completely untouched by the harder world that the redhead had
had to learn to deal with in the past seven years. Fay realized a little wistfully that,
seven years ago, she had been much like Donna herself.
The older woman felt little shivers dart along her spine as Donna bent close to help her
make up the hide-a-bed in the spare room. The redhead would have preferred to invite
her young cousin to share her own bed, but she realized she had better tread carefully.
This was family, and any false step on her part might very well get right back to the

folks at home. Fay always told herself she didn't give a damn what those folks thought,
but she realized that, deep down, she did. Those were her roots. She couldn't bring
herself to spit in their eye.
She would not have felt comfortable knowing that her family thought she was a
depraved lesbian. She wasn't, but she did like to dabble. She would have to learn more
about Donna's preferences before she tried for a taste of incest.
Donna made a great fuss over Rudy. The part of her that was still a child giggled and
whinnied when the dog licked her face. The two of them even got into a wrestling
match on the carpet. She was visibly disappointed when Fay denied her request to have
the dog sleep in her room. "Rudy always sleeps at the end of my bed," Fay stated
firmly. But the crestfallen look on the girl's face gave the sensual redhead food for
While Fay went to work, Donna went job hunting. "You don't have to worry about me
hanging around forever. I'm going to get my own place as soon as I get a job."
Fay was not so optimistic about the blonde's chances of finding work. As far as she
knew, there was a glut of inexperienced steno typists in the city. But she was no longer
upset by the idea of having a visitor in the spare room. It was fun to have someone to
come home to at night, particularly someone as cheerful as Donna.
There was, however, one major problem. Fay was used to moonlighting out of her
house. While she wouldn't have felt uncomfortable about bringing a man home for the
night, she shuddered at the thought of Donna discovering her in a sordid threesome
with a dog and a paying customer! Even without the added depravity of the dog, most
of her customers liked to play a little rough. Fay was sure they would feel
uncomfortable knowing there was someone listening in the next room. She herself

wasn't sure how she would make out against Donna's frank, inquisitive stare the next
morning. There were bound to be questions. Donna was not shy about stating her
mind. Fay had learned that about her cousin already.
After her day's work as executive secretary for a firm of lawyers, Fay met Jerry Weiser
at a plush bar in the best part of town. Jerry was only a couple of years older than Fay,
but he maintained that he had no time in his busy business life for finding and
seducing women. He preferred to pay for a good time with a woman. It was cleaner and
neater that way. Jerry was an accountant, and everything about him was clean and neat.
It surprised Fay the first time she got into bed with him. She had expected a polite and
lackluster experience. But, in the sack, Jerry was every bit the primitive man that he
deliberately avoided in all other aspects of his life. She hated to miss a session with
Jerry! On top of all his other virtues, he was really hung!
He fondled her pussy through her dress as they sipped their drinks. Fay could feel
devilish little darts of excitement shaking loose the reins she had held on herself all day
at work. "I've got bad news, Jerry. I'm being visited by a very young and innocent
cousin. We can't go back to my place tonight." She tilted her pussy-mound upward
slightly, giving him a better angle to titillate her cit. "How do you feel about getting us
a motel room?"
With calm precision, he indicated to the waiter that they would like refills. His fingers
squeezed her cunt-mound lewdly. "Oh, I don't know, baby. I'm feeling kind of eccentric
tonight. Maybe we can think up something a little more interesting."
A new surge of arousal made her cunt spasm. Jerry had a wonderful imagination when
it came to sex. "Whatever you say, Jerry. I'm ready for you." Checking to make sure
they were not being observed, she reached over and squeezed his balls. A rock-hard
bulge in his pants made her catch her breath. "God, it's so hard! Whatever you say, as

long as I get some of that!"
"Don't worry, baby! You'll get all you want. Hard and deep."
They drank and talked, teasing each other all the while with their hands. From time to
time, Jerry motioned the waiter for fresh drinks.
"Jee-zuz, Jerry! I don't know how much longer I can hold out. You've got me so
damned excited, I'm on the verge of coming right now!" It was true. The salacious
frustration of feeling that stiff prick so near and yet so far, the tantalizing fingers teasing
her pussy, were combining to make her cunt throb with sweet longing. As a combo
began to play and dancers took to the floor, Jerry wormed his finger inside the
crotchband of. her panties. Her skirt was short. Access was smooth and easy. Her jaw
fell open in amazement at the first shocking contact of finger on clitoris. She quickly
hid her discomposure, feigning interest in the activity on the dance floor. It felt so
good! She didn't want him to stop! Just the obscene knowledge of the daring game they
were playing made her blood pulse hotly to her swelling cit. "Jerry, you're disgusting!"
she whispered and moaned softly. She squirmed her cunt-mound wantonly up against
his hand.
"I am and you love it," he told her. He, too, was following the activities of the dancers,,
while his fingers did their talented lewd work. His cock throbbed at the way her pussy-
muscles clenched hotly at his finger, at the way her excitement covered his finger with a
generous coating of lubricants. "Christ, you're wet!"
She moved a little closer to him in the booth, trying to be as discreet as possible about
her muted gyrations. She loved the feel of his finger massaging her pussy to ever-
increasing sensitivity. Her hand fingered his cock hungrily, relishing the way his
hardness strained against the material of his pants. It felt as though he had a baseball

bat in there!
Gradually, the passion-pangs darting through her body became so intense, that it was
all she could do to keep looking straight ahead of her. She wanted to throw back her
head, close her eyes, and' howl out her ecstasy. Reaching for her drink she took a long
guzzle to steel herself against the approaching crisis. She was already quite tipsy. The
effect of the alcohol was to make her just that more receptive to the erotic situation they
had created in the bar, unknown to their fellow customers. "Oh, God, Jerry! It's so
good! It's so good! I don't know what to do!"
Jerry could feel her tensing next to him, could feel her pussy spasming more greedily
around his finger. Though his face was' completely impassive, he was intensely excited
by the abandon of the beautiful redhead. It had always been a fantasy of his to get a
woman off in a public place, with people all around. Fay was the first woman he had
ever met sensual enough to get into the game. His prick was straining mightily against
the confinement of' his pants. It ached with longing. He enjoyed the frustration. The
prospect of making her come - while the music played and the dancers danced - filled
him with a new prurient satisfaction.
"Just let it happen, baby! Let yourself feel good! Your pussy's hot, baby!"
The tremble in his voice told Fay that her companion was as stimulated as she was. She
cast a secret little smile in his direction. Good old Jerry! He looked so straight! So
proper! No one would suspect him of such an outrageous escapade!
The smile on her face turned into an amazed stare. She could feel hot waves of release
flowing through her, making her whole body tremble with blissful pleasure. "God, I'm
coming, Jerry!" Her whisper sounded to her ears like a shout. All her senses were
animated in the fleeting moment of climax.

The man grinned with smug satisfaction. He had done it. He had melted the woman
right in the middle of a roomful of strangers. He raised his glass in toast. "To victory!"
Giggling triumphantly, they finished their drinks. "Now let's get out of here. Old John
Henry's getting paralyzed!"
Fay watched him carefully close his suit jacket over the bulge in his pants. So typical of
Jerry, to attend to a detail like that. When they were out in the street, Jerry took her
arm and led her away from the parking lot. Fay was intrigued.
"Where are we going?"
"I thought we'd scout the neighborhood. Nice night for a stroll, don't you think?"
Fay was perplexed. She had never known Jerry to be one for casual evening walks. He
was a man which liked to make every moment count, who never walked when he could
ride, unless, that is, he was taking his brisk seven a.m. run. Her pussy still tingled from
the effects of her climax. Her thighs rubbed her clitoris to hardness as she walked. Her
excitement was growing. if she knew Jerry, he had something on his mind. "Whatever
you say, Jerry."
The tall man seemed to be taking an unusual interest in alleys. Several times he stopped
to investigate an obvious dead end. "This one looks about right." He guided her down a
lane between business high-rises and restaurants. From the back doors, they got a
sickening smell of grease as they passed by first a Chinese and then a steak and lobster
If Fay hadn't known Jerry so well, she would have been nervous. As it was, she followed
him trustingly, taking passing interest in sights, she seldom saw. The only light came
from buildings that were occupied. They walked from darkness into half-light. Fay's

heart beat fast. What did he have in mind? "I don't think anybody would ever eat in
these joints if they went to the back door first." She was eyeing a cluster of garbage cans
overflowing with foul-smelling garbage.
"It's our good luck, baby, that nobody ever goes to the back door." With an abruptness
that startled her, he shoved her into the doorway of a deserted office building. His
hands were all over, working their way up under her short skirt, fumbling with her
"What-what-" Surprise quickly gave way to raging excitement. She knew now what
Jerry was after - a furtive fuck in an alley - another fantasy. Her body took fire as he
pulled her blouse open, clutched rudely at her tits. His hands deserted her tits for her
panties. He took firm hold of the skimpy material and tugged. Her panties ripped. He
threw them carelessly at her feet.
"Goddamn, Fay, you had me so fucking excited in that bar! I can't wait another minute.
I've got to I have you now!" His heart was pounding like a sledgehammer as he
fumblingly pulled his cock from his fly. His cock was hard-swollen, engorged with
blood. It lurched at the imminent promise of a hot wet hole.
His excitement fed hers. She ground her naked twat salaciously upward, relishing the
cool contact of the night air. With every ounce of her being, she craved the filling
impalement that he had planned for her. She felt the bulbous tip of his cock graze her
thigh as he guided it into her furry thatch. That contact alone made her feel faint with
desire. "Oh, Christ, yes! Stick your prick in me! I'm dying for it!"
Clutching her by her ass-cheeks, he raised her up onto the little step in front of the
door. He forced his cock rudely into her wet slit, found the greedy little hole already
dilated from her earlier orgasm. He shoved. His cock drove deep into her warm, moist,

clasping pussy.
"Uuuuuhhhh! God-d-d! That's good!" Her voice was hoarse. Her entire being melted
into the incredible titillation of that hard filling presence. He was so big in her. He
filled her to completion, the way she liked it best. She grabbed hold of his shoulders to
support herself as she tilted her pussy upward, to make it easier for him to impale her.
As he started to pull out of her, she ground her cunt encouragingly upward, inviting
him back in. "Fuck me, baby! Fuck me!" She did her best to keep her voice down. She
didn't want any well-meaning rescuers to butt in and spoil their fun. It was hard not to
shout her pleasure to the roof tops.
Jerry's fingers gripped her firm round ass-cheeks in a fierce clench as he worked his
cock in and out of her heated twat. He established a lusty, hard-driving rhythm that
forced her pussy-walls wide open each time he shoved it up into her. "Goddamn, you've
got a sweet cunt, Fay! Shit, it's trying to eat me alive!"
Their second daring adventure of the evening was pushing Fay to the outer limits of
depraved arousal. It was so perversely satisfying, to be screwing in the open air like this,
in a dark alley.
He lost no time in obeying her summons. The urgency of their primitive mating made
heady gusts of excitement blaze through every inch of her body. Her tits were naked,
exposed by his initial heedless advances. The brisk air made her nipples swell hard.
They tingled with a titillating urgency that added an extra dose of ecstasy to her wanton
"Uuuhhh! Uh, yeah! Do it, Jerry! Christ, your cock's so big and hard in me!"
So intense was Jerry's passion that he picked the redhead right up off the ground and

lifted her up and down over his cock as though she were no more than a doll. Incensed
by his feverish abandon, Fay wrapped her legs around his back and let herself be
shoved back against the door. She was so aroused, she scarcely knew where she was.
She only knew that thick, turgid prick that soared rhythmically in and out of her
receptive pussy. Her cunt rippled pleasurably as his weighty intrusion split her wide.
Low lusty groans escaped from between her clenched teeth.
The big accountant was driven to steadily higher planes of excitement by the petite
redhead's churning responses. His balls throbbed as he felt her little feet beat against his
back, egging him on. He did his best to respond to her goading. His cock seemed to
grow even harder as he rammed it deep up into her again and again.
"Jee-zuz, this is too much! You're good, baby! Good!" He closed his eyes and
concentrated all his energies on filling that hot clinging hole that nibbled his prick to
stirring peaks of desire. He could feel her hungry flesh clutching at him, trying to hold
him deep inside. It gave him a sadistic lurch of pleasure to pull out of her, only to
shove it to her even harder and deeper the next time around. Though the erotic
pleasure had become a world unto itself, Jerry could sense the end in sight. He could
not maintain a pace like this much longer. A tumultuous explosion was lurking just
over the horizon.
Fay beat his back with her fists and her heels, urging herself on as much as him, driving
herself over that last high hurdle. It was going to be good, so good! "Oooooohhh!
Yesss! I'm commm-ing-g-g!" she blurted at last. When it finally struck, the force and
suddenness of her release surprised even Fay.
Jerry felt he had done his best with the woman. She had had two orgasms this evening.
His prick was aching for one of its own. He let go his defenses and rammed her pussy
with long even solid strokes. The orgasm flowed out of him as spontaneously as oil

from a geyser. "Ooooo-eee! Shit!"
It took them a few moments to recover their senses enough to adjust their clothes and
return the way they had come. They left Fay's torn panties where they had fallen, mute
testimony to a night's wild fling. Fay felt a little guilty taking Jerry's money at her door.
The big man had already given her an evening she would never forget. How especially
nice that she would be able to buy herself a new dress as a tangible reminder of Jerry
and his unbounded imagination.

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Default Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Fay let herself quietly into her apartment. It was late and she expected Donna to be
asleep. She had told her young cousin not to wait up for her, that she had a hot date.
The knowing smile on the blonde's face had surprised Fay. For the first time she
realized Donna might have chalked up more sexual experience than she had assumed.
She had been thinking of herself at Donna's age, still a quaking virgin. She had learned
Times were changing. Even seven years was practically a generation gap. Who knew
what went on inside Donna's pretty blonde head? Fay decided to make it her business
to find out, soon.
Though she had work the next day, Fay was not really tired. She was still too energized
by her evening's experiences with Jerry. She decided to peek into Donna's room. Maybe
her young cousin was still awake. They could have some hot chocolate and talk.
Donna's door was not shut tight. Fay needed to push it just a tiny crack farther to be
able to see inside. There was a night light burning in the room and, by its dim glow,
Fay was witness to a sweet forbidden sight.
Donna was lying naked on top of the covers. She was masturbating. Her blonde head
worked from side to side on the pillow. Her firm round tits heaved with her deep
breathing. She had one hand buried in the kinky blonde thatch of her cunt-hair. Even
in the dim light, Fay could see the gleam of her juices as her fingers emerged wet and
slick from her aroused pussy-hole. Donna's eyes were closed tight. There was no danger
of her seeing. The redhead stuck her head just a little farther forward. The sight of her
cousin's naked, pleasure-absorbed body attracted her like a magnet.

God, she's beautiful! was the thought that kept bursting from little airy bubbles in Fay's
brain. Once again the older woman was carried into the boundless, absorbing world of
erotica that had claimed her twice already this evening. The idea that she was now
invading her cousin's solitary sex life made the blood pound through her. Not for a
moment did she consider leaving Donna to her private pleasure. She had to watch! The
suppressed sexual attraction she had been feeling for the eighteen-year-old now surged
to the fore. Donna was so lovely, so desirable. She wanted to watch her make herself
feel good.
Then, some night soon, she would crawl into Donna's bed, and she would show her
young relative new tantalizing worlds of pleasure. She would already be armed with the
stolen knowledge of what turned Donna on. Her prurient plans made Fay's clit twinge
with salacious arousal.
"Oooohhh!" An unearthly moan escaped the writhing blonde's lips. A funny little smile
creased her mouth. Fay imagined Donna must be entertaining some secret fantasy that
was making her fingers move more quickly in and out of her wet pussy. "It feels so
good, darling! So good!"
A new clue to the real Donna! Fay didn't know whether her cousin was talking to a real
or imagined lover, but the blonde's lusty abandon, her obvious wetness and the urgency
of her finger fucking made Fay suspect that the girl was no virgin. Donna already knew
too well the needs of her ripe young body. And she knew how to tend them. The smile
on her face spoke volumes. Donna was hitting all the right chords.
As the blonde became more and more aroused, she churned more wantonly on the bed.
Pulling her heels up to her shapely white ass, she raised her hips up off the bed. She
drove her fingers hard and deep into her blonde-fringed pussy-furrow. The worth that
escaped her lips became incoherent. She was immersed in herself.

The longer Fay watched the inspiring scene in her spare room, the more insistently her
clit throbbed under her skirt. Already sensitized by two intense orgasms, her blood-
engorged little nubbin rose easily to new aching hardness. It cried for attention, for
more of the pleasure that had already set its nerve-endings on edge. Bending forward to
catch every movement of the preoccupied blonde on the bed, Fay slipped her hand up
under her skirt. There were no panties there now to get in the way of her lewd probe.
Her fingers slipped right into the wet, hair-fringed crevice and stroked her smoldering
"Uuuhh!" Fay managed to suppress her outburst before it became audible in the
adjoining room. The last thing she wanted was to be discovered right now, in the midst
of her voyeuristic pleasure. She wanted to play the game through to the climax. in time
to the pace that Donna had established in and out of her moist hole, Fay began to
fingerfuck her own pussy. The titillation was every bit as stimulating as if she had not
come for days. The freshness of this new situation, the prospect of a new conquest, gave
a whole new slant to her erotic excitation. She could remember what it was like to be as
young as Donna and just learning the potential of her own body. That fierce feeling was
contagious. Once again, she was playing with herself for the first time. Feeling every
fold of her soft fleshy slit. Relishing the way her cunt-walls spasmed around her
insistent intrusion. She relived the overwhelming stimulation of knowing that this sweet
pleasure was here, hers for the taking, whenever she wanted it.
"Ooooohh! I love you! I love your wonderful body!" The girl's shrill proclamation sent
a new rush of excitement through Fay's loins. She ached to feel that sweet blonde cunt,
to lick it to frenzied arousal. Even the aching frustration felt good. The treasure was
here. It could be plucked at her leisure. In the meantime, enjoyed the thrill of being a
peeping Tom, of seeing the secret pleasure that was intended for no eyes but Donna's.

The women continued in their solitary ecstasy for some time, the one oblivious of the
other. Donna's low moans and sighs, her wanton wriggles pushed Fay onward in her
fervent self-manipulations. Suddenly the redhead was struck with an idea that made her
cunt throb with renewed force.
Rudy was asleep in her bedroom, shut in as Fay had directed. If only she roused the
dog and coaxed him into Donna's room. There was a chance the girl might become
wary, might give up her games in the belief that she was no longer alone. But Fay was
gambling for the better chance - that Donna was too aroused to stop now, that she
would accept the dog's attentions without protest.
Trembling with excitement, Fay tip-toed to her own room. Rudy was lying on the bed,
awake. He came over at once when he saw Fay. She cuddled him for a few moments, to
calm him down. Then she led him to the blonde's room. She let Rudy go in himself,
while she concealed herself in her bedroom. Just in case Donna got suspicious and
started looking around, she didn't want to be discovered in the lewd act of spying on
her cousin.
When several moments had passed with no sign of either Rudy or Donna, Fay crept
back to her place at the door and peeked through. Rudy's instincts had led him up onto
Donna's bed, just as Fay had hoped. He was nosing inquisitively along the blonde's
thighs while she continued to saw her fingers in and out of her pussy. She seemed
almost oblivious of the animal's presence, though she did look up at him from time to
time. "Oh Rudy, I feel so good, baby! I can't help it! I just have to make myself come!
You understand, don't you, Rudy?"
For answer, the dog poked his nose against the hot, throbbing bud of her clit.

From her hiding place, Fay could see the girl tremble all over. She stared amazed at the
dog for a moment, then she seemed to make a decision. Her thighs opened wider, in
lewd invitation to the big beast. Donna pulled her fingers from her cunt and watched
breathless to see what the German shepherd would do next.
Intrigued by his first taste of excited pussy-flesh, Rudy licked hungrily all the way up
from the girl's puckered asshole over her pussy-opening to the rigid tip of her clitoris.
One lick only whetted his appetite. He lapped again and again along the hairy moist
furrow, licking his muzzle with obvious relish before taking seconds.
The animal's obscene attentions seemed to unleash a demon in the writhing young
blonde. "Oooohhh! Aaaiiiieee!" She grabbed hold of Rudy's fur and pulled his face in
closer to her craving cunt. With quick jerking motions, she twisted her head from side
to side on the pillow. Her tongue ran nervously over her lips. Obviously, Donna was in
the midst of an erotic excitement that had pushed her into a near-hysterical frenzy. Her
tight young ass ground up off the bedclothes, forcing her cunt into closer proximity
with the dog's tongue. She was hungry for it, for everything Rudy could give her.
Fay was delighted and amazed by her cousin's uninhibited response to the dog's
perverted tonguing. Without missing a beat in the erotic melody she had been playing
on her aroused body, Donna had accepted the attentions of a canine lover and was
wailing out her appreciation of his arduous efforts. Stimulated by the sight of the dog
and the girl linked in their depraved loveplay, Fay once again inserted two fingers into
her pussy and began to fingerfuck herself. Her excitement was even more intense than
it had been before. Hot passion-darts soared throughout her straining body, tickling
every nerve ending. The redhead knew now for sure that she had discovered a hot
property in her voluptuous young cousin. Donna was a natural sensualist, and what Fay
couldn't do with talent like that!

For Donna, the most titillating aspect of her situation was the knowledge that she was
being watched from her bedroom doorway by her beautiful older cousin. There had
been things that Donna had not told Fay about the admiration she had always had for
her cousin. The times when she had watched Fay taking a shower, many years ago,
when Donna was still a gawky kid and Fay a blossoming young woman. The
impression of Fay's round firm tits bad stayed with the youngster through her own
puberty. At night, when those strange new feelings of arousal had taken hold of her
body, she had thought of beautiful naked Fay while she made herself come with her
There had been times, too, when she had managed to sneak up on Fay and a boy
friend. She had watched them necking, watched the redhead's demure submission when
the boy had reached inside her blouse for a touch of her full breasts. Donna had
emulated Fay when it came her time to neck with the boys. She was always breathless
with protests - at first - but she eventually gave in. She let the boys go much farther
than Fay ever had. It had felt too good to stop the hard throbbing cock pressing at her
It had been Donna's idea to come and stay with Fay in the city. It was a scheme she
had cherished for years before she finally finished high school. Her parents had been
reluctant to let her come. Neither they nor Fay's own parents really approved of Fay. To
Donna, that was all the more reason to worship her older cousin. Her parents had
finally given up their objections when it became clear that Donna was not going to
change her mind. Donna had always gotten her way, but, unlike Fay, she had managed
to retain her parents' affection while doing it. She was so lively, so full of fun, she
always had everyone laughing before they had time to really get angry with her.
When she met her cousin after seven years' estrangement, Donna found herself more

attracted than ever to her beautiful cousin. Though she had enjoyed a lot of sexual
experimentation at school, she had never made love to a woman. As soon as she saw
Fay again, she knew that she wanted to do it. She lusted after Fay. But how to seduce
her? She wasn't sure of Fay's own leanings, and she didn't want the wrong stories to get
back to hen family on the farm.
So she waited until she heard Fay arrive home from her date that night. And she started
to masturbate. Though Fay was quiet, Donna heard her approach her door. Her self-
manipulations became more wanton than ever. If the sight didn't turn Fay on, Donna
would know not to try anything else. If it did turn her on, Donna hoped Fay would join
her in bed.
The teenager was surprised by Rudy's intrusion, but only for a moment. She knew the
dog had been locked safely in Fay's room. Obviously, he had been released to test
Donna. There had been plenty of dogs on the farm, and a lusty girl like Donna had
known what to do with them. She knew exactly how to respond to Rudy. Her pussy
throbbed at the thought that her wanton behavior might be stimulating her cousin,
hidden on the other side of the door. The exhibitionist lurking inside the blonde
inspired her to put on a good show for her redheaded relative. She thrust hen cunt
forcefully up into Rudy's face. Squirming this way and that, she strove to trap Rudy's
tongue the hot excited opening to her pussy.
The more urgently she struggled beneath the animal's long rough tongue, the more
excited Donna became. The reaction of the woman hidden outside her door became
secondary to the building crisis in her belly. While she churned her pussy against
Rudy's muzzle, she began to fondle her nipples, pinching the distended nubbins until
they achieved rock-hardness. Excitement ricocheted from her tits to her pussy and back
again. She was squirming with sensation.

"Uuuuuhhh! God! I feel so good!" Donna moaned.
Donna's wanton declarations of pleasure sent little leaping tremors through Fay's
straining, passion-possessed body. She stroked her fingers steadily in and out of her
pussy. From time to time, she paused just to tantalize her cit, holding back the more
filling satisfaction that her body craved. She felt several little rushes of excitement that
she recognized as mini-orgasms, safe harbors on the long climb to the bigger explosion
- the one she would only release when she saw Donna writhing in the ecstasy of
climax. That sight alone would set her free.
The redhead marveled at how uninhibited Donna was beneath the depraved attentions
of the dog's long, talented tongue. Most women, Fay realized, would have thought twice
before letting themselves be licked by a dog - no matter how good the idea seemed to
them. There was something forbidden about succumbing to such primitive, bestial
pleasure. It was a kind of self-indulgence many women would not allow themselves.
The sight of Donna's wet pink flesh wriggling beneath the dog's pink tongue brought a
lewd thought to Fay's mind. Perhaps Donna had been licked off by a dog before.
Perhaps, like Fay herself, she had experimented with the dogs on the farm on long
sultry afternoons. Even in the height of her excitement, Fay had to grin at the
resourcefulness of the sensual teenager. She was learning more about Donna in these
few minutes of observing her than she had in the whole week of her visit.
The smile slipped from Fay's face as her excitement grew more intense. As closely
tuned in as she was to Donna's mounting abandon, she could detect the significance of
the rippling muscles becoming apparent under Donna's smooth skin. The blonde was
straining in anticipation of a crisis that was closing in on her with unwavering purpose.
Donna was losing control. It was sweeping over her.

"Uuuuuhhh! Oh, Rudy, you're making me commmmme!"
The lurid spectacle of the curvaceous blonde writhing out her orgasm under the assault
of the dog's tongue fragmented the last of Fay's control. She too came with the same
wrenching intensity that Donna was obviously experiencing. Only she had to be quiet
and restrained. She could not betray her presence, even at the peak of her abandon.
The redhead noticed that Donna drifted into a doze almost immediately. She crept back
to her own room, leaving Rudy with Donna. Donna had earned his company.
That night, as they slept, visions of forbidden delights danced in the heads of both
sensual women.

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Default Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Fay had already left for work when Donna arose the next morning. The young blonde
was confused. She was sure she had not made any mistake about what went on last
night. Fay must have watched her play with herself. She must have sent the dog in to
lick her off. So why hadn't she made her presence known? Why hadn't she come into
Donna's bed and kissed her, rubbed her shapely petite body against the teenager's? Was
it possible her cousin had been offended after all by what she had witnessed?
Donna hoped not. Her pussy flared at the very thought of feeling Fay lying naked next
to her. Not that the girl thought she was a lesbian. She was a sensual being that was all.
She wanted to experience all the lusty delights her imagination suggested to her. She
recalled the feel of Rudy's long slinky tongue on her cunt. As she sat at the table over a
bowl of cereal, her body quivered in sweet remembrance. She stroked the head of the
dog who was sitting next to her. "You're a love, Rudy," she told him, and giggled.
On the way out, she discovered a note from Fay. "Sorry I missed you last night.
Looking forward to a nice long chat tonight. Love, Fay." The note put Donna's mind at
rest. She, too, was looking forward to the evening.
Her day's job hunting was discouraging. Seeing it was Friday afternoon, Donna decided
to give herself a break and go back to Fay's apartment early. Maybe she could get Rudy
into the mood for some more games.
Surprised not to hear Rudy's bark on the other side of the door, Donna proceeded
cautiously into the apartment. The sight of Fay's alligator handbag sitting on the coffee
table put her mind at rest. She was about to call out to announce her presence, when
she was startled by a long low moan.

"Ooooohlth. Oooooohhh!"
For an instant, she feared for her cousin's safety. Then she smiled. Those were pleasure
moans if she had ever heard them! Fay must have played hooky from work, and
brought some lover home with her. Donna considered leaving the apartment to allow
the lovers some more peace and privacy. Then a prurient notion made her creep toward
Fay's bedroom door.
Her cousin had had her chance to spy on her last night! It was her turn to get some
forbidden thrills. It would be just like old times, watching Fay making out with some
Donna grinned eagerly when she discovered Fay's bedroom door was ajar. Obviously
the older woman had felt confident that they would not be I disturbed. Since her
arrival, Donna had stayed out each till after six looking for work. It was natural for Fay
to assume she would have the apartment to herself all afternoon.
Trembling with perverted excitement, Donna put her eye to the crack. and peeked
inside her cousin's bedroom. Her first reaction to what she saw was to blink, shake her
head and look again. She could not believe what she was seeing. It was incredible!
"Ooopohhh! Yessss, lover, you fuck me so good!" The redhead was kneeling naked on
her bed, her ass thrust high in the air. She was squirming wantonly beneath the long
pummeling strokes of her dog's stiff prick! From her vantage point, Donna could
actually see the pink lips of Fay's cunt spreading to admit the obscene red dog-cock.
Despite her amazement and confusion, the blonde felt a thrill of lurid excitement shoot
up and down her spine.
Fay was fucking a dog! How could she do such a thing! Though she had several times

let an animal lick her pussy to swollen arousal, Donna had never even considered
letting a dog stick his cock in her cunt. That point had been the limit of her prurient
She had heard about women doing such things - screwing animals - but Donna had
always been sure the stories were lies. No woman would let herself stoop so low.
But now that she saw her cousin, her idol, letting a dog's cock penetrate her cunt, the
girl realized she would have to rethink the whole question. If Fay was doing it, wouldn't
that make it all right?
Though her mind recoiled from such a conclusion, Donna's senses applauded the
direction her thoughts were taking. She could feel herself trembling as she watched Fay
wriggle delightedly against Rudy's unyielding cock-thrusts. Each time Fay moaned out
her ecstasy, Donna's own cunt spasmed with arousal.
The blonde could not take her eyes off the animal's long pointed red cock-shaft. It was
so big, so hard-looking. The way it split Fay's wet gleaming pussy wide open reminded
her of the way knife slides into butter. The most astounding thing of all was the
manner in which Fay's cuntlips clasped hungrily around the massive intrusion. They
seemed to be trying to eat it up, to devour the pleasure-dealing cudgel. Even as Donna
watched, Fay's pussy grew wetter and slicker. Obviously the kneeling redhead was
beside herself with excitement.
"Jee-zuz, fuck me! Fuck me, Rudy! You're driving my pussy wild, lover!" Fay was
slamming her round firm ass-cheeks feverishly back against the German shepherd's
loins. Her smooth white skin, so perfect in its shapely contours, made a lewd contrast
to the dog's furry black and tan coat. The redhead seemed oblivious of the depraved
sight she made, coupling urgently with the big dog. Or maybe she was very much

aware of her raunchy self-abasement. Maybe it was that that helped make the juices
flow from her twat.
As the spectacle in the next room slowly hypnotized the watching girl, she fell to her
knees on the carpet and clutched her own pussy through her skirt. The longer she
watched her cousin's sensual struggles, the dimmer grew thoughts of the immorality of
what Fay was doing. Vivid to Donna's senses were memories of how wonderful Rudy
had made her feel the night before. If his tongue could be such a deft instrument of
pleasure, why not his cock? What was so improbable about the look of rapt ecstasy on
Fay's beautiful face? After all, Rudy's cock was big and hard, and it never once let up its
fierce battering rhythm. Fay never got a moment's respite from the driving pleasure.
Donna could only see the older woman's profile, but it was evident that Rudy was
pushing her to the outer limits of abandon. Donna could see little difference between
the dog's rutting intensity and Fay's own. The redhead had become an animal herself,
driven by brute animal instincts.
"Uuuuuhhh! Shit, my cunt's so hot! Ooohh, more! More! Yeah!" Fay shrieked. A weird
little smile distorted Fay's features as she stiffened her arms to push herself harder back
against those gyrating animal loins. She loved the way Rudy fucked her. So deep. So
strenuously. And he never once stopped to take a breather. He drove the lusty redhead
right out of herself, to a place where she was no longer responsible for anything but her
own mounting pleasure. It was so wonderful to just fuck and fuck. No thinking. Just
enjoying. Till the moment when she could take no more. "UUuuuhh, Jeez-us-s-s! I'm
commmm-ing-g! You're making me come, darling!"
Even at the height of her climax, Fay never once stopped churning back to greet Rudy's
tireless cock. She knew there were more orgasms where that one had come from, and
she was out to harvest every last one of them!

The lust that seemed to ooze from the bedroom like vapor from a steam bath was
contagious. Kneeling on the floor, absorbed in the lusty spectacle on Fay's bed, Donna
slipped her hand up under her skirt and into the crotchband of her panties. Her
fingertip grazed her clitoris, made her sigh in soft delight before she rammed a finger
deep up into her wet cunt. Her pussy was already gushing with lubricants that had
started flowing the minute she discovered Fay in her obscene position. Her cunt-walls
felt so hot, so tight and clinging. Her finger made them convulse with an excitement
that had the blonde on the verge of crying out before she checked herself. It wouldn't
do to disturb Fay now.
Donna was beginning to understand why Fay hadn't crawled into bed with her last
night, after observing her in her sexual abandon. There was something almost
intimidating about the fury of the other 'woman's solitary absorption. Donna would
never have had the nerve to walk in on Fay now. But that didn't stop her from
crouching outside Fay's door, sawing her finger in and out of her greedy cunt. She felt
almost as if she was already sharing sex with the redhead.
As her finger worked back and forth along her rippling cunt-muscles, Donna let herself
imagine that it was the dog's cock that was dealing the provoking pleasure to her
private passage. The idea heightened the stimulation of her fervid self-manipulations.
Though just a short while ago, she had been shocked to see a woman screwing a dog,
now she was toying with the possibilities for herself. She was letting herself be swayed
by her idol's wanton demonstration.
Fay was bucking back against the dog like a rearing horse protesting his reins. Once
again she shouted out her passion victory.
"Ooooohh, Rudy! I'm commmmm-ing-g-g! Oh Rudy, you're so good to meee!" Still the
dog kept pummeling her upturned buttocks. Still Donna's finger flew in and out of her

sopping pussy.
The blonde was amazed at her cousin's capacity for pleasure. Donna had never enjoyed
more than one orgasm at a time. She envied Fay her ability to let go so completely.
The redhead didn't know when she had felt so thoroughly aroused. Ever since she
awoke this morning, she had been daydreaming about the next step in the seduction of
Donna. When her boss had given her the afternoon off, she had sat alone with Rudy in
her bedroom, sipping cocktails and turning various schemes over in her mind. Finally
she hit upon the idea of letting Rudy fuck her when Donna was around. The idea of
luring the blonde into spying on her as she had spied on Donna made her tremble with
excitement. She grew so hot that she could not wait for evening to screw the dog. She
had to have an afternoon practice session, just to quell, the fires of lust soaring through
her body.
Though Donna had thought she was very quiet, Fay heard her young cousin come into
the apartment. While she writhed under the, dog's steely cock-strokes she congratulated
herself on the good luck that had brought Donna home just at the right time to fall into
her tender trap. As orgasm after orgasm shook her voluptuous body, she fantasized
about the reactions of the girl she was sure was watching from the other side of the
bedroom door.
How must she look to her cousin? Kneeling naked and submissive before the dog's red
tapered cock-shaft? Moaning in pleasure each time his prick skewered her deep? The
vision in her mind made Fay quake with arousal. She loved the thought of her own
depravity. That was one of the things that most excited her about making it with a dog.
It was completely beyond the realm of acceptable behavior. It was Fay's way of
thumbing her nose at the world. Her promiscuity made her feel deliciously free and

With saucy exuberance, she thrust her tight shapely ass back at the dog's rutting loins.
The collision of flesh on fur sent rippling jolts of titillation throughout her striving
body. "Oooooooohhh! I love it! I love what you do to me, Rudy!" For just a second, a
picture flashed through her mind.
It was Donna - kneeling in front of an aroused Rudy, learning to enjoy the filling
ruthlessness of dog-cock. That was something Fay was aching to see in real life. Ever
since she had discovered the extent of the teenager's sexuality last night, Fay had been
bursting with a desire to make Donna her disciple. She was aching to teach the talented
blonde everything she knew about the pleasure of the flesh.
Unknown to Fay, Donna was entertaining much the same fantasy. She could almost
feel the dog's prick spreading her cunt-lips wide as she drove her finger relentlessly into
her greedy hole. Finally one finger was not enough. She sent a second up into her
fleshy wet channel. She breathed an appreciative sigh as the double impalement
battered at the last of her defenses. The spirit of the rutting animal had possessed
Donna too, just from watching Fay straining in her lascivious coupling.
Her whole being lusted for orgasm. Each time she heard Fay shout out another climax,
she came that much closer to being able to let go herself. Her fingers worked harder
and faster in her cunt while she held her panty crotchband to one side, out of the way.
She could feel the juices from her pussy flowing down over her hand, the way Fay's
juices were coating Rudy's cock. She was so wet, so open, so ready.
Striving mindlessly in front of the hard-working animal, Fay could feel his cock
swelling ominously, a sure sign that Rudy was on the verge of filling her pussy full of
dog-cum. The thought of what he had in store for her made her writhe more heatedly
in front of him. His thrusts in turn grew deeper, longer, harder, until at last - "Oh
God! He's commmm-ing-g-g in meee!" And Fay was coming too, one last time.

This was the death blow to Donna's resistance. Watching her cousin reveling in the
filling jets of dog-cum hacked down the last barrier to her own orgasm. She gritted her
teeth and let the overwhelming tide rush over her. Her hand clutched her cunt-mound.
She bowed her head, as though in prayer, relishing the sweet hollowness that filled her.
Donna didn't dare let herself wait too long to make her getaway. She did not want Fay
to find her in the apartment when she emerged from her room.
When Fay did emerge from her bedroom, she found no sign that she had had a visitor.
Fay was already dressed. She wanted to go pick up some things for dinner. And she
wanted to give Donna time to come home and think over all she had seen this

Come join us at

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Default Chapter 5

Chapter 5
It was four o'clock when Donna returned to the apartment. She was surprised to find
Rudy alone. There was no note from Fay, so the blonde could only wait and wonder
what had become of her cousin.
She found herself looking at the dog differently now. She stole several sideways glances
at his cock-sheath, trying to catch a glimpse of the tapered cudgel hidden inside. Several
times, she experienced strange little twinges in her belly, tremors of lust that recalled
the lurid scene she had witnessed only a short while ago. The longer she sat in the quiet
apartment, the more insist grew the tingles that darted through her vulnerable young
When close to an hour had passed with no sign of Fay, Donna decided her cousin must
be intending to conceal the fact that she had had the afternoon off. Perhaps she didn't
want to invite any inquiries about what she had done with her free time.
If that was the case, then Fay would be returning home at her usual time. That meant
Donna had two more hours on her own, two more hours alone with Rudy.
Feeling a need to pretend a little, even to herself, Donna rose and stretched and
yawned. "Well, Rudy, there's nothing much else to do. Why don't you and me have a
little nap, huh?"
She led the big animal to her room, where she removed her clothes. When she was
naked, she knelt beside the German shepherd and hugged the friendly animal. The
sensual contact of his soft fur on her skin made her nipples grow long and hard. She
giggled when Rudy tried to lick her face, but the giggles were more a release of tension
than an. indication of amusement.

As she strained to lift her face out of the dog's reach his tongue settled for the round
outthrusting mounds of her tits, with their pert pink nipples.
"Uuuuuuhhh!" The contact of his tongue on her already aroused breasts made Donna
tremble all over. Far from discouraging Rudy, she lay back on the rug and let him
explore her firm tit-mounds. She even caressed their base while Rudy licked their
heaving peaks. The combination of self-stimulation and dog-tonguing let loose the
suppressed fires that had been raging earlier that afternoon. Once again, the blonde was
absorbed in a dream world of indulgent sensuality.
"God, Rudy, darling, your tongue feels so nice on my titties!" As the dog moved to one
side in his feverish attempts to coat her tits with dog saliva, Donna caught sight of
something red. It was his cock, long and hard, protruding from his sheath. Licking the
young woman's breasts was turning the dog on as much as it was her!
A lazy sensual smile crept over the teenager's features. Perversely, she was pleased by
the thought that the animal was getting as much enjoyment from their mutual
exploring as she herself was. He really was a lover. She had never thought that way
about the dogs who had licked her pussy to wanton climax. But after seeing Rudy
fucking Fay, she could no longer see a dog as purely an instrument for her own
satisfaction. The dog responded to her as much as she responded to him.
"Rudy, you're all excited, baby!" Trembling at her own boldness, she reached for the
alluring red cock-shaft and clasped it in her shaking fingers. Gently, she began to slide
her fingers up and down his rigid protrusion. To her delight, Rudy began to lick her all
the more passionately. His tongue worked down over her belly, down to the blonde
thatch from whence sprang the intoxicating aromas that were driving the animal to a

"Oh, Rudy! Rudy!" Set free from any remaining inhibitions by the earlier example of
her cousin's self-abasement, Donna thrust her pussy-mound brutally up against the
dog's muzzle. She could feel her cit growing hot and swollen from the animal's repeated
licks. Her cunt-hole flared open as Rudy's tongue snaked its way down between her
thighs, along the hairy flanges of her pussy. The stimulating pressure on her sensitive
hole made her grind her ass greedily upward.
Absorbed in his efforts over the girl's pussy, Rudy had moved too far away for her to
continue to stroke his cock-shaft. But she stared at it wonderingly, her mind aflame
with visions of her cousin, Fay, kneeling in front of the humping dog, taking all that
hard red cock deep into her cunt and moaning out a continuous stream of babbling
ecstasy. Donna was eager to have her cunt filled with that hard shaft. But still the girl
was afraid. She wanted to try - but it was like being a virgin all over again. She needed
moral support.
"Oh Rudy! Lick my pussy! It feels so good, baby!" She tossed her thick long hair from
side to side on the rug, letting her thoughts wander, letting the pleasure take hold of
her. She knew if she got herself totally in the mood, if she abandoned all her
inhibitions, then maybe. The dog's tongue prodded again and again against the searing
hole of her cunt. Each stab was like an electric shock that sent waves throughout her
naked quivering body. She spread her thighs wide, inviting more of the alluring
titillation. She wanted to go out of her head with excitement. She wanted to push
herself past the point of no return.
"Oh, Rudy! I want to feel your cock in me, baby! Get me ready, Rudy! Make it so I'm
not scared!"
As though he understood the blonde's words, as though he was driven by the promise
of sweet rewards, the dog buried his muzzle deeper in her damp slit. He explored his

way all the way down to her hidden asshole. The cold prod on her most vulnerable
opening made the girl shriek with glee. Her brain was still reverberating with her
exclamations of ecstasy when a second voice began to blend with her moans. Donna
paid no attention for a moment, then the sounds became clear. She was not alone!
Fay had waited a good long time before returning to her apartment, in the hopes that
Donna might have the nerve to start something with the dog. That was how she wanted
to find her - hot in the grips of mounting passion. She wanted to fall upon her and
help her realize her own dreams, and Donna's too. The lusty blonde had obligingly set
the stage for her cousin.
"Donna darling, does it feel good? Is Rudy's tongue doing good things to you? You
look so beautiful, darling!" As she spoke inciting encouragements, Fay quickly removed
her clothes. She realized the blonde was taking a while to recognize the new presence in
the room. At last their eyes met.
"Fay! I didn't think-I-" Though she knew she wasn't doing anything that the older
woman didn't do, still Donna felt embarrassed in the first flush of discovery. She had
been behaving so wanton, squirming on the rug beneath the dog's tongue, telling him
she wanted to fuck him! Though she had seen Fay acting just as shamelessly this very
afternoon, still she felt guilty and defenseless in front of her beautiful cousin.
Donna's eyes locked to Fay's as her naked cousin knelt down beside her. She realized
that, at last, her treasured dream had come true. Fay was here, to make love to her.
The dog had abandoned his labors over Donna's cunt to nuzzle the newcomer. Neither
woman paid much attention to him as Fay bent over Donna and kissed her long and
deep. Her tongue penetrated the teenager's lips and demanded an answering gesture.
Donna extended her tongue, entwined it lewdly with Fay's. She felt her pussy convulse

with eager excitement. Fay's lips were every bit as warm and hungry as she had
imagined them.
As she kissed her young cousin, Fay let her hands roam over the blonde's naked body.
She caressed the firm upthrusting mounds of her tits, her tiny waist, her flat belly. Her
fingers found the kinky patch of Donna's pussy-hair and delved inside, found a hard
fleshy nubbin that seemed to leap to attention under her touch. She could feel the
blonde squirming under her, humping her pussy upward. Fay's loins flared with
arousal. It was time to make her dream come true. It was time to begin to teach to
Donna the forbidden pleasures she had explored over the past seven years.
"Oh Donna, darling! You're so wet and excited! You want to fuck Rudy! I heard you
say so! Let me help you, darling! He'll make you feel so good! I promise you!"
The aroused teenager let herself be maneuvered over onto hands and knees. She was
confused at first by Fay's insistent commands. She was still reeling with the effects of
having caressed a woman for the first time. For the moment, she had almost forgotten
about the dog and his talented tongue. She looked up and saw Rudy standing a short
distance away. His cock still protruded long and red from his sheath. The sight
reminded her of the agonized desire she had been undergoing before Fay came in.
Yes! That was what she wanted! To feel that long hard cock in her pussy! Now that Fay
was here, it would be all right! Fay would help her! Mewling excitedly, she submitted to
Fay's hands roaming eagerly over her body, then finally slapping her upthrusting
"Come on, Rudy, baby! Make Donna feel good! Up, boy! Up, Rudy!"
Then it was the dog's hairy forepaws that were clasping her naked body. Donna was

intensely aware of the weight of his prick as it slapped against her thighs. The sensation
made her feel weak. She had to struggle to keep herself from turning to jelly and
collapsing onto the rug. "Ooooohh, Fay!" Rudy was rutting against her, trying to sink
his iron-stiff cock in her elusive cunt.
"Don't worry, darling! It will be all right! I'll take care of you! Just enjoy! Enjoy Rudy's
cock!" As she spoke, the redhead grabbed the dog's swollen cock and guided the
pointed tip toward the blonde-fringed opening of Donna's pussy. She bent down low to
see what she was doing. The older woman didn't want to miss a single detail of her
young cousin's virgin coupling with an animal!
Her whole body trembled in salacious anticipation as she prodded Rudy's cock-head
against Donna's vaginal opening. As she knew he would, the dog lunged brutally
forward. His red prick drove all the way up into the girl's vulnerable pussy. Almost as
quickly as it disappeared, it pulled out again, until only the tip was still buried. Then
again it lunged forward. He was fucking her, in that harsh staccato rhythm that Fay had
learned to know and love.
"Ooohh! Oh my God!" The dog's impalement of her soft young pussy was so sudden
that Donna scarcely knew at first what she was feeling. The shock of the entry of his
unyielding cudgel frightened her. She felt stretched beyond endurance. She began to
moan fearfully, to try to pull away from the dog's hard-driving rod. But it was no good.
Already he was fucking her, in and out, in and out. "It hurts! It hurts, Fay!" she wailed.
"Please make him stop!"
The kneeling redhead was overwhelmed with sensory stimulation. The sound of her
young cousin's voice coming in halting gasps as the dog rammed his cock into her, the
sight of Rudy's red dog-prick splitting the pink, blonde-fringed pussy-lips wide, the
panting fury of the animal, the halting struggles of the girl - all combined to put the

secretary into a heat of excitement.
"Don't worry, baby! You just think it hurts! Just wait a few moments! It'll feel
wonderful! Believe me!" Fay's assurances were uttered almost automatically. Fay was so
absorbed in her own pleasure, she really couldn't concentrate on Donna's distress. She
knew it would pass. That was all that mattered.
For an instant, Donna experienced blind panic. She realized her cousin was not going
to help her get away from the dog's rapid-fire skewering. She was on her own, helpless
victim to a rigid cock that plundered her with the vicious single-mindedness of a
predator attacking his prey. Her mind struggled frantically for a solution to her
Donna reminded herself that this was Fay kneeling wantonly next to her, reveling in
her perverted performance. Fay, whom she loved and admired more than anyone on
earth, even though she hardly knew her. She could trust Fay. She had to trust Fay.
What other hope was there? If Fay said to wait and see, that she would do.
Resigned to her depraved fate, the blonde let herself be buffeted forward by the dog's
ceaseless lunges. She was like a puppet, a helpless victim to a force bigger than she was.
For a while, she wouldn't let herself think about what she was feeling, the pain. Then
she began to examine the sensations that were soaring in rapid shock-waves throughout
her entrapped body. She looked around at Fay in amazement. The lust in her cousin's
eye put the last touch on her changing outlook.
It was happening, just like Fay had said! She was feeling wonderful! The non-stop
assaults of the dog's tireless cock were driving her pussy to new peaks of wild abandon.
The blonde had never felt like this in her life! Never so daring, so free, so depraved!
Never so alive! What made it best of all was that her cousin Fay was sharing it with her.

"Oh! Oh! Ooooohh! It feels good-d-d!"
Despite her own mounting excitement, Fay couldn't help smiling at the naive surprise
in the teenager's exclamation. Even if Donna had said nothing to indicate her change of
heart, Fay would have known she was responding to the dog's thrusts. Once again the
blonde's pussy was wet and open. It coated the dog's cock with a lewd sheen that
betrayed Donna's conversion better than any words.
Even though she had just fucked the dog herself a few hours ago, Fay was again hot
and hungry for stimulation. Watching with her head poised only a few inches from
Donna's violated pussy, Fay could almost feel the dog-cock pushing against the soft
supple pussy-flesh. She could almost clasp her cunt muscles around that fifing intrusion
buried to the hilt in welcoming wetness. Her fingers went to her pussy and began to
tease at her clitoris. But it wasn't what she wanted. There was something much better,
that would please her much more.
She crawled around in front of the kneeling girl and positioned herself so her pussy was
poised only a couple of inches from Donna's face. Her hands trembled as she reached
for her pussy-lips and lewdly parted the soft-moist flaps. "Eat my pussy, darling! Please!
You've got me so excited, I have to feel you! Do it for me, Donna!" She wasn't sure
what the blonde's response would be, but she was gambling that the teenager was
aroused enough that she would obey her summons without thinking.
That was exactly what Donna did. With a hot hungry pussy so close to her face, it
seemed the most natural thing in the world for her to try to pass on some of the
pleasure she was experiencing. She extended her tongue and tasted the hot flavor of
pussy for the first time. Fay's cunt was tangy, tempting. The blonde was hooked on her
savor. She delved deeper, hungry for more.

Wantonly exploring the moist slit of Fay's cunt, Donna reveled in the knowledge that at
last her dream had come true. She was making love to beautiful Fay, her wonderful
cousin. She could hear the redhead moaning above her, and she strove feverishly to
please the older woman. She 5tabbed her tongue against the opening to Fay's pussy, let
it slip a little way inside. Her reward was the lusty wail that escaped Fay's lips and filled
the room with the heady atmosphere of raw sex.
"Oh God, darling! You do it so beautifully! My cunt feels so wonderful!" The blonde
did in fact have a real talent for reaching just the right spots with her agile tongue. Fay
wondered if the girl had eaten pussy before. Somehow she doubted it. It was more
likely that the natural sensualist in Donna was making the most of a long denied
possibility for new forbidden delights.
Fay locked her fingers in Donna's kinky blonde hair and guided the girl's movements
over her pussy. She was so aroused by the sight of Donna's white ass wriggling in front
of the dog's loins, that she didn't let the girl's tongue get too far away. She needed it,
every bit of tongue-loving that Donna could give her! "Suck me, honey! Suck me!"
The uninhibited teenager relished her two-fold task of serving the needs of both the dog
and the woman. She slammed her ass rhythmically back against the dog while her
tongue and lips continued to work greedily along the lips of Fay's pussy. She even
enjoyed the harsh tug of the older woman's hands in her hair. At any other time it
would have been pain. But now it was another tantalizing dose of pleasure. Donna felt
like a slave to her two unnatural lovers. She immersed herself in a desire to serve - and
at the same time to receive - over whelming charges of pleasure.
The erotic input became too much for Fay. "God, darling, I'm commmming-g!" She
ground her cunt into Donna's face and let the fantastic rush of release shoot through
her. Even in the midst of her climax she continued to gyrate under Donna's tongue,

hungry for more.
Elated at having brought her beautiful lover to climax, Donna began to churn even
more feverishly between dog and woman. She was feeling the first tell-tale tingles of her
own approaching orgasm. The prospect of a climax experienced in the midst of this
incredible dual stimulation made her heart beat fast and her cunt flare with greedy
anticipation. Once again, the hard-driving l of the dog's unyielding cock became
uppermost in her mind. Her cunt-muscles clutched greedily at his filling hardness. She
thought she could feel him growing even harder and bigger inside her. She realized he
might be on the verge of coming, and she undulated her ass fitfully backward to
encourage him.
Despite her growing self-absorption, Donna did not neglect the red-thatched pussy in
front of her. Her tongue danced incitingly around Fay's rigid clitoris, licked the juices
from her cunt-lips, stabbed into her wet hole. Fay cooperated by wriggling her pussy
lewdly in front of Donna's mouth. She could feel another deluge on the way and she
rushed to meet it. "Aaaahh! Christ! I'm coming again, baby!"
Just at that moment, Donna felt the hard cock in her pussy expand and gush hot juices
into her dilated hole. The incredible stimulation of having a lover coming on either side
of her drove Donna over the top. She threw her head back and howled out her victory.
"Ooooohh, Fay! It's so good! It's never been so good!"
It was true. None of the boys back home had ever been as much fun as her cousin Fay.
The exhausted women lay on the rug for some time, caressing one another, recovering
spent energies. Rudy had deserted them.
"Probably looking for something to eat. Which reminds me, I'm starving. Come on,

Donna. Wait until you see the goodies I picked up at the market!"
They feasted on shrimp and avocados and French bread. For the first time in her life,
Donna let herself be persuaded to drink some wine.
Tonight was a special occasion. The lovers were celebrating. There had never been any
obstacles in the path of their lovemaking, but neither of them knew that. Each
congratulated herself on a well-run and successful campaign.

Come join us at

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Default Chapter 6

Chapter 6
The first flush of new passion kept Fay and her teenaged cousin busy throughout the
weekend. They shut themselves in Fay's apartment and made love in every conceivable
way. Though Donna had already had quite a bit of experience for a girl her age, still
there was a great deal she could learn from Fay. The voluptuous blonde was an apt and
willing pupil. Fay was an enthusiastic and devoted teacher. Both felt the other was
ideally suited to her robust sexuality. The weekend was heaven.
By Sunday night, Fay felt ready to take Donna into her confidence. "There's something
I've been wanting to tell you, baby." They were lying in each other's arms, bathed in
the perspiration of lovemaking. "I didn't say anything before because I didn't want to
shock you."
Donna giggled and pinched Fay's nipple playfully. "You should know by now I don't
shock easily. What is it? You've got a thing for donkeys?"
At first Fay was offended, then she too began to laugh. She knew there was no malice
intended in her young lover's remark. "No, even I'm not that ambitious."
"I don't know, Fay. I think you could do anything you wanted to." She rolled on top of
her cousin and began to caress her soft flanks.
"Whoa! Wait a minute! I'm going to get serious for a minute."
"Okay. I'm listening."
"Well, when I got to the city, I found it hard to make a go of it at first. So, I started
making love to a few select men friends - for money. After I started making good
money, well, I was greedy enough to want to hold onto those extra luxuries my nights

with my friends could bring me. So, I still do it. About three or four times a week. The
rest are freebies." She smiled impishly.
Donna was quiet for several minutes. Her face indicated she was deep in concentration.
Fay stared anxiously at her. It was important to her not to lose the girl's respect. "Well,
Donna? How does it hit you?"
"Well, you know, I've never thought of it before. But now that I'm thinking about it, it
seems like a pretty good idea. A way to have fun, and get some money, too. I could use
some money myself right now. I'm running low."
"Don't worry about that, baby. I'll stake you."
The blonde's delicate features took on a determined grimace. "No, Fay, I don't want to
be a freeloader. I pay my own way."
"Yeah, that's the old family morality, for sure. Down with the welfare state!" Fay raised
her hand in mock-indignation. All the same, she admired the girl's spunk.
Donna ignored her cousin's sarcasm. She was getting excited. "How about it, Fay? Do
you think I could do it too? Is it hard?"
The redhead was beginning to like the idea. It would be fun to have a partner, and
profitable, too. She knew plenty of men who would pay through the nose for a
threesome with two such talented women. "You know, Donna, maybe we're onto
something. How would you like to work with me? I mean both of us with one guy, or
maybe two guys? Would that turn you on?"
Donna's blazing blue eyes held her answer.

"Boy, would it! That'd be terrific, Fay!" She caressed the older woman affectionately. "I
want to experience everything with you!"
"You will, darling. You will." Fay was already making plans.
Despite her enthusiasm for the project, Donna got more nervous the more she thought
about it. It was the idea of making money, becoming a whore. It was against everything
her parents had ever taught her, even worse somehow than making love to another
woman or a dog. She confided her fears to Fay.
"Doing it for money is no different than doing it for free. In fact, sometimes it's even
better. It gives a woman total freedom to let it all hang out. A 1ot of guys expect
responses from a whore that they would be shocked to discover in their wives."
Donna felt a perverse tingle shoot up and down her spine. The more she thought about
it, the more excited she got. But she was still scared.
"Listen, I've got an idea. An old customer of mine is coming by Tuesday night. Why
don't you hide yourself away and watch us? Then you'll see for yourself just what it's
like. And besides," she fondled the girl's cunt-hair lewdly, "it'll turn me on, knowing
you're watching me screw Hank."
Donna agreed at once to the proposition. Tuesday night, she concealed herself in Fay's
walk-in closet and watched through a crack in the door as Fay, dressed in a black
negligee, led in a big [[[missing text]]] and followed the direction of his pointing finger.
Rudy thrust his nose into the crack of his mistress's ass. At once she began to wriggle
and shriek with delight.
"Ooohh! God! His cold nose feels wonderful on my asshole! It turns me on, Hank!"

"Everything turns you on, baby! That's why I love ya!" The big man' hand shook as he
pulled down his fly and released his cock. The swollen purplish head waved menacingly
in Fay's direction. "Come on, Rudy, lick her, boy!" he told the dog excitedly as he
stroked his cock and crawled around in front of the woman. He waggled the bulbous
tip of his stiff prick lewdly in the woman's face.
Donna recognized the slavish arousal in her woman lover's eyes as she looked up at the
man. "Are you going to make him fuck me now, Hank?"
"Not yet, baby! As a matter of fact, I think I may save that pleasure for myself. I just
want to see you wiggle under his tongue for a while, that's all!"
"Aaaiiieeee!" The dog's snake-like tongue had hit a sensitive nerve ending. Donna
thought Fay was going to rise right up off the rug. "Oh, God, he's making me
Donna was amazed. Her cousin was so aroused by what was happening to her that she
was coming just from a couple of licks of Rudy's tongue. Fay was amazing! "Christ,
you're a hot cunt, aren't you, baby! You get it off quicker and easier than any woman I
ever knew!" The man's voice had become thick. He clasped Fay's red hair roughly and
pressed his cock-tip against her lips. She had no choice but to open wide and let him
come inside.
So engrossed was she in the greedy way her cousin began to suck the man's cock,
Donna forgot for a moment to be cautious. She leaned forward so far, she was in
danger of betraying her presence in the closet. When she saw what she was doing, she
pulled back. But her hand went straight to her clitoris. The performance had her too
hot to hold back any longer. She began to fondle the swelling nubbin with her fingertip,
fighting to hold back the sighs of pleasure that threatened to burst from her lips.

Watching Fay's ripe ass in sexy garters, rotating back against the dog's tongue, made
Donna want to wiggle her ass, too. But she didn't dare. The best she could settle for
was jerking her pussy-mound feverishly against the palm of her hand. It was frustrating,
but even the frustration was exciting. When she had first spied on Fay making out with
a guy, Donna was still a kid in pigtails. Little did she know then that her childish
curiosity would lead her to the very adult pleasure of voyeurism. No more did she
suspect that she would ever see her cousin sandwiched between a man's cock and a
dog's tongue.
Donna finger-fucked herself with all fingers, to give herself the impression of the same
thickness that Fay was experiencing in Hank's blood-engorged prick.
The teenager watched the entrance as the big man immediately established a powerful
lunging rhythm in and out of the wailing woman's cunt. In time to his battering
strokes, Donna worked her fingers in and out of her clutching pussy. Her passage was
incredibly wet and open. The thrill of watching Fay and the man act out their roles of
whore and customer had her more aroused than she had ever been before.
Donna needed no further convincing that Fay's part-time job would suit her perfectly.
The girl had only known boy-lovers so far. She ached for the attentions of a fully
matured penis and the practiced technique of a man who knew what to do with it. Not
that she had been dissatisfied with the boys who had initiated her into the heterosexual
pleasures of sex. But they had been just a first step in a lusty education. Donna was a
much more experienced woman now. Before, she hadn't missed a real man. Now, she
knew that she was ready for that more awesome step - the next stage in her developing
Fay's naked ass streaked with her black garters acted as a lure to the hidden girl. They
hypnotized her into a state of steadily mounting abandon. She had raised herself up on

her knees now, so she could ram her fingers deeper and harder into her hungering
cunt. The sight of the man's hands clutching fitfully at her cousin's ass made her long
for that same commanding treatment. Fay's wanton cries and moans indicated that the
woman was totally captivated by what was happening to her.
Before Donna's rapt gaze, the man's face distorted with the agony of his effort. "Shit,
baby! Your pussy's so good. Christ, it's making me come!"
As if she had been waiting for the man, Fay, too, let go. She squirmed her buttocks
desperately back against Hank's loins, squealing and moaning like a pig on the butcher
The heady atmosphere was too much for the girl. Her cunt muscles spasmed fiercely
around her finger-phallus. Her cit throbbed with the ecstasy of reverberating climax.
When the man had gone and Fay finally released Donna from her closet hiding place,
the redhead didn't even have to ask how the blonde felt now about her part-time
profession. She knew at once that they had a partnership.

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Default Chapter 7

Chapter 7
Their first client was a man called Bill, a dentist from out of town. Bill had been to
school with Hank. When he told his old buddy that he was hungry for a good time,
free from his old lady, Hank at once thought of Fay.
Fay told Hank she had a young cousin living with her now. Would the man like to try
their double deluxe specialty? Hank made the decision for his friend. Bill was never
When Bill arrived at the posh apartment, the women greeted him in bottomless
babydolls. Donna wore pink and Fay wore green. But Bill would always remember
them by Donna's blonde pussy and Fay's red thatch.
Once she had made the decision to go ahead and work with Fay, Donna never looked
back. Far from being frightened when their first customer arrived, Donna was excited
and eager for a good time. She felt a tingle in her pussy as the dentist surveyed her lush
form clad in its skimpy covering. Bill was in his late thirties, but he had a boyish charm
that appealed to the teenager. She thought he was cute. And she liked the way he sized
her up and gave her his look of approval.
"Hi, Bill!" Donna walked seductively up to him and helped him out of his suit jacket
and tie. "We want you to relax while you're here. You can't relax with a nasty old tie
on!" The girl was playing a role and loving every minute of it. She felt like a Playboy
bunny making a house call. A surge of lust seized her cunt as Bill reached for her firm
resilient tits and squeezed them hard.
"You're beautiful, baby!" he told her breathlessly. "Your tits are fantastic! I thought you
must have something holding them up, but it's all natural!"

Donna thrust her tits sensuously outward, letting him fill his palms with them, letting
him inspect and fondle them at his leisure. "Mmmmm, feels good!" She felt comfortable
with the man. She thought she knew exactly how to handle him.
Fay was not sure she liked the immediate rapport their client had established with
Donna. She felt left out, ignored, but Fay was not one to shrink into the wallpaper. She
stepped boldly forward and put her arms around the man from behind. To her
satisfaction, he leaned his head back into her caresses. "How would you like a drink,
darling?" she asked in her most seductive voice.
"Love one. Whatever you want to make is all right with me, beautiful!"
The redhead felt better. She was acknowledged. He had given her the stroke she
needed. The three of them sipped Manhattans on the couch. With a woman on either
side of him, Bill felt on top of the world. He ran his hands along their thighs, tickled
their clits simultaneously. His prick swelled inside his pants as he felt them rotate their
pussy-mounds up against his hands, as he heard their low groans of pleasure. "Jee-zuz,
what a couple of sweet pussies!"
Donna leaned against his shoulder and tantalized his earlobe with her tongue. She
reached for the growing bulge in his trousers and found Fay's hand already there before
her. They joined forces in gently rubbing the impressive swelling. Soon their efforts
bore fruit. Bill groaned lustily and humped his groin upward. "Christ almighty, you
women are driving me crazy! I don't think I can sit still any longer!"
Fay slipped down onto her knees on the rug and began to tug at his fly. "I think you'd
be much more comfortable without these clothes. I'm dying to see this big hard cock of
yours out in the open!"

Donna started to unbutton his shirt. The two women planted inciting kisses over his
body as they unveiled it. Soon Bill sat naked, his long aroused cock shooting spear-like
up from his loins. It pleased him to see the shining interest in the eyes of the two
watching women.
Bill's self-assurance increased as he became confident of the admiration of the beautiful
females who attended him. As his cock throbbed lustily, he felt a transformation taking
place deep inside. The women's adoration was turning him into a giant among men. He
was no longer content to sit back and enjoy. He wanted to command!
"Donna! I want you to suck my prick!" He held his hard cock in his hand and offered it
to the excited teenager. Her response to his order was instantaneous. She fell to her
knees and took hold of his cock-shaft.
"Oooohh! It's so hard and smooth! I love the feel of your cock, Bill!" She extended her
tongue and stabbed the little slit in his glans. A hot rush of juices gushed from her
The older woman stroked the man's flanks, reminding him of her presence, silently
asking for his instructions. "Where's your dog, Fay? Hank told me you like to fuck
dogs! I want to see you do it, while Donna sucks me!"
The quiet dentist had turned into a lascivious old man. He gritted his teeth and relished
the titillating licks and stabs of the young girl's tongue. Then, without warning, he
grabbed her on both sides of the head and forced her mouth down onto his cock-shaft,
all the way. He released his grip just enough to let her bob her head up and down over
his penis, without deserting his pulsing hardness entirely.
Through lust-glazed eyes he watched Fay prance back into the living room with the dog

at her heels. He had been intrigued when Hank told him about the redhead's
perversion. Now his balls swelled at the thought of watching her surrender her red-
fringed twat to an animal's crude-advances. She knelt down on the rug and pulled her
flimsy top up over her hips. Her smooth ass-cheeks swayed enticingly in the air, baiting
the big dog. The German shepherd sniffed her ass-crevice, then stabbed his tongue into
the savory slit.
"Jee-zuz, will you look at that! That dog sure does like the taste of you, baby!"
The redhead groaned abandonedly and swayed her ass-cheeks in the dog's face. Her
exhibitionist instincts were once again coming to the fore. It aroused her to think this
man had probably never seen a woman getting it on with a dog before. She would give
him something to remember! "Oooohh! Rudy's such a good lover! He always knows
how to make me feel good!"
"Holy Christ! Will you look at that! That dog's got an erection half as long as my arm!"
He gripped Donna's face harshly and guided her mouth roughly up and down along his
teeming cock-shaft. The tantalizing manipulations of her tongue and lips were making
his prick swell to ever greater proportions, but for the moment, Bill's mind had thought
only for Fay and her salacious undertaking. Though his, hands automatically kept the
blonde busy at her task.
The blood was pounding through the teenager's veins as she realized the wanton
depravity of the orgy she was participating in. She knew the dentist was preoccupied
with Fay's self-abasement, but she didn't mind. She enjoyed the thrill of tending to the
throbbing thick cock in her mouth. Whatever was going on in Bill's head, she was
getting her own jollies. His fleshy organ filled her mouth to satisfying fullness. She
loved the taste of the juices that escaped from time to time from the little slit in the
head. Donna couldn't remember ever having sucked anything so big or so masterful. Its

demanding tempo forced her to keep sucking for all she was worth!
The kneeling blonde thought of the redhead positioned only a couple of feet away,
preparing to take the dog's cock deep into her cunt. A surge of lust soared through her.
For years, the blonde had dreamed of sharing grown-up adventures with her beautiful
cousin. And now it was happening. Overcome with arousal, Donna felt the juices spurt
from her pussy-hole as she bent all efforts over the throbbing cock in her mouth.
Rudy's tongue licked again and again up along the hidden slit between Fay's ass-cheeks.
The woman moaned like a banshee in front of him. Her pussy was wide open. She was
ready to fuck. But, she was waiting for the man to give her orders.
Bill watched open-mouthed as the dog stabbed his tongue in against the redhead's
asshole, then down along her whole cunt-slit. As though they had a life of their own,
his hands continued to work the blonde's head over his cock. Somewhere inside, he
knew he did not have to force the teenager to suck his cock. But his hands maintained
their rhythm, if only because the dentist's lust-possessed brain was powerless to change
their orders. There was something comforting, too, about this regulated activity in the
face of all the stimulus he was being subjected to. After humdrum sex with his wife, this
bizarre orgy was more than a dream come true. It was heaven on earth.
"Jee-zuz! Old Rudy sure must like the taste of your pussy, baby! I've never seen any dog
enjoy meat that much!" The man's eyes flew from the tongue on her ass to the heavy
red dog-cock and back. He couldn't fight his impatience any longer. "Shit, I wanna see
you screw that dog! Do it, cunt! Fuck your dog for me!"
The mild-mannered dentist didn't normally use such raunchy language. But neither had
he ever envisioned a situation anything like this one. He did what he figured any red-
blooded man would do under the circumstances. He ran a guts-hard operation.

It gave Bill a weird sense of satisfaction to watch the redhead thrust her ass even higher
in the air as she gave her dog his command. Rudy was well-trained. He mounted Fay's
squirming buttocks on cue and began to thrust his bright-red cock-shaft furiously
forward. He was looking for that hot wet hole that his animal instincts told him was
waiting for his aching hardness.
Fay moaned like a creature in the wild. Her ass-cheeks strained obscenely, squirming to
left and right, trying to capture what the dog was trying so hard to give her. Her mews
grew more and more frantic as her efforts remained unsuccessful. At last, Bill saw her
reach under her scantily covered torso and grab the dog's prick. With unerring instinct,
she guided Rudy's cock-tip to her craving hole. Right away, the dog shoved his cock
deep into her cunt. The redhead wailed with depraved satisfaction. Her body trembled
like the last leaf on a naked branch, attacked by a wayward breeze.
"Aaaaiiiieeeee! God! Oh, God!" With brutal force, Fay began to ram her ass-cheeks
back to meet the dog's every lusty forward stroke. They were soon deeply engrossed in
a rutting primitive mating. Both seemed oblivious to the others as they struggled for
their own base pleasures.
Donna knew from the other woman's shrieks exactly what had happened. She tried to
raise her head for a glimpse of Fay fucking the dog, but the man's hands held her
securely. She had to settle for a mental image of her uninhibited cousin, kneeling in her
green babydoll top, waving her ass back to welcome each new assault of the dog's
filling, tapered cock.
Even her mental picture of the lewd coupling was enough to make a new surge of
wetness gush from her twat. She reveled in the thought of the depravity that was taking
place all around her. She loved the idea of her own part in the obscene scenario and the
throbbing reality of the hard cock between her lips. Even with the restricted movement

that Bill had imposed on the kneeling blonde, she managed to find new waves to stab
and suck and prod his grateful prick.
"Uuuuuhh! Jeez! Sweet mouth, baby!" The dentist didn't know which was giving him
the most stimulus - the sight of the woman wantonly screwing the dog or the touch of
the greedy teenager licking his cock with feverish gusto.
Forgetting to maintain his hold on the blonde's head, Bill leaned back against the couch
and braced himself against the cushions. Incredible darts of pleasure were charging
throughout his body. He felt like pure sensation, as his mind struggled to put heads
and tails on the remarkable proceedings in the women's living room. Finally he gave up
trying. He just let it all happen. A crazy smile played over his features.
"Shit! Look at her go! Look at that red prick shove into her! Uh, Christ, my cock feels
Fay looked over at the lewdly coupled pair a short distance away. It pleased her to
watch Donna's blonde head bounce up and down over the man's cock. She had never
seen her cousin suck cock before, and the sight was a stimulating one. Obviously the
girl had a real talent for her task. From the way the dentist was gritting his teeth and
grabbing at the cushions, Fay could see Donna was giving him one hell of a blow-job
for his money.
She was proud of the teenager. Donna had taken to this new situation as naturally as a
bird takes to the air. At first Fay had experienced some jealousy, at the admiration in
the eyes of their client when he drank in Donna's youthful beauty. But now she was
satisfied that she was getting her fair share of attention. The glazed lust in his eyes
hadn't all been Donna's doing. He was intensely aroused by her own wanton
performance. "Ah! Yeah! That's the baby, Rudy! Fuck me! Fuck me good, boy!"

Wriggling her buttocks, Fay worked to keep up the tempo of her forbidden mating. She
could feel familiar pangs in the pit of her belly. Like a rider at the gallop, she charged
toward her destination. Suddenly and unexpectedly, she was there! "Oh, God! God! I'm
commmm-ing-g-g!" Though her orgasm was intense, she kept on shoving her ass back
against the dog's loins. He hadn't come yet. Fay was more than ready to keep up her
gyrations to bring her pet the satisfaction he so richly deserved.
Both Donna and Bill had watched Fay's body-wrenching orgasm with unconcealed
admiration. Her enjoyment drove them to greater excitement. Once again, Bill wound
his fingers in Donna's hair and coaxed her head back and forth over his cock. She
seemed to enjoy his roughness. Her ass waggled luridly up behind her as she strove to
bring him to more abandoned heights of erotic stimulation. "Mmmmmmmph!
Fierce flashes of excitement radiated from the girl's tensed nerve endings. Her cunt was
on fire, aching for satisfaction, titillated almost beyond endurance by her participation
in this incredible orgy. Her mouth struggled feverishly over Bill's cock, drawing him
outward, ever outward.
"Shit! I'm coming, baby! You're doing it to me!" Bill's loins rammed furiously up
against Donna's face. His face grew lax, dazed with the unforeseen power of his release.
Almost at that same moment, the dog reached his summit. "Oh! Oh!" Fay wailed.
"Rudy's coming in me! He's making me commmmmme!"
While Fay wrestled with this second orgasm, more overwhelming than her first, Donna
greedily swallowed every last drop of the man's jetting cum. The two sated humans and
the dog relaxed in wanton splendor as their pleasure gently brought them back down to

It was Bill who first realized that Donna hadn't yet had her chance to explode. While he
recovered his drained energies, he instructed the women to make love together. That
was something else he had never seen, and the sight brought his prick back to
throbbing hardness. He was good for another round, and then another, fucking each of
the women in turn.
Donna's first experience as a professional was a resounding success.
Donna was having so much fun at her part-time job that she gave up looking for
regular employment. She decided instead to look for her own clients who could visit her
during the day when Fay was at work, or during her cousin's evenings out.
Fay was not entirely pleased with the younger woman's arrangements. For one thing,
she felt that Donna ought to get a straight job, for a cover if for nothing else. The
blonde seemed unmoved by Fay's arguments.
"Why sit in a stuffy office all day when I can be at home having fun?" Donna
Fay had to relent, but she wasn't always cooperative when Donna was trying to
determine which nights she could have the apartment to herself.
Though she didn't want to admit it, even to herself, Fay was growing increasingly
jealous of her beautiful young relative and the effect she had on their mutual clients.
More and more, in their joint sessions, Fay was being assigned the visual stimulus of
fucking the dog while the men fucked or sucked Donna. Fay did not enjoy being
relegated to the status of a peep-show, while Donna was getting the first hand attention.
It was hard on the twenty-five-year-old's ego.
"I think maybe we should split up our operation, Donna," she said one night, more to

test the girl's reaction than out of any serious intent.
Though the blonde said little that evening, she kept the matter in the back of her mind,
where it continued to worry her. She couldn't resist pouring out her woes to a wealthy,
middle-aged client she had found on her own in an expensive nearby restaurant. The
man had observed that Donna didn't seem her usual bouncy, fun-loving self.

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Default Chapter 8

Chapter 8
"It's my roommate, Barney. I mean, she's not just my roommate. She's my cousin, the
most important person in the world to me. And I'm not sure, but I think she must be
awfully mad at me. She doesn't want to work with me any more."
"What kind of work do you do together?"
"Well, you know, sometimes we do a twosome for a client. I worked with Fay all the
time at first, until I started finding my own clients for extra money. Fay has a real job,
during the day."
The older man's eyes lit up. The thought of another woman like Donna made his blood
pound faster through his veins. He had already had several occasions to learn the extent
of the young blonde's charms. "Does your cousin look like you?" he asked, an eager
leer on his face.
Donna didn't seem to detect his prurient interest. "No, not really. She's a lot smaller
than I am. Only about five-two. But she's very nicely shaped, you know. And her hair is
red, shorter than mine."
"And is she your age, my lovely?"
"No. Fay's twenty-five. But you'd never know it." To the teenager, twenty-five seemed a
whole generation away. It always impressed her, how young Fay seemed, in looks and
Barney immediately lost interest in the mysterious cousin. Ever since he had divorced
his wife five years before, Barney had settled for nothing but nubile teenagers in his
bed. He had decided that, seeing he had the money to pay for it, he should have the

best. To Barney, youth was best. It was also least trouble.
The only problem he sometimes found with very young women was that their sexuality
was not yet fully developed. Donna had been a delightful surprise. She had the wanton
responsiveness of a mature woman, combined with the trusting eagerness of a child.
The other women he had been sleeping with lately paled in comparison.
"I'd like to make you an offer, Donna. I want you to think it over very carefully. Its
acceptance will mean certain obligations on your part."
He suggested Donna move into an apartment he had been keeping for various lady
friends. It was empty now. In return for free rent, she would be obligated to see him or
one of his friends on three evenings out of the week. The rest of the time would be her
own, to do whatever she wanted. He stressed the whatever.
At first Donna was reluctant to even consider the prospect of' moving out on Fay. It
seemed so disloyal. She and her cousin had been so close. Barney reminded her that it
was Fay who had suggested they not work together any longer, who had been making it
difficult for her to plan her rendezvous at home. Perhaps, Barney suggested, Donna
should move out before she was kicked out.
To state his case more convincingly, he drove the girl over to the apartment. It was
located in a very exclusive area. The building was surrounded by a carefully tended park
and guarded by a doorman, The apartment was decorated all in white, with pink
accents in the living room, black in the bedroom, blue in the bath. The carpeting was a
good three inches thick. Barney encouraged the girl to remove her shoes and walk
barefoot on the rich pile. "The best carpet money can buy," he told her. "And I should
know. I made my first million in carpets."
"It's beautiful, Barney! Beautiful!" The farm girl was trying to imagine herself living

amid such luxury. She looked out the window at the panoramic view of the city and
imagined herself sipping champagne, wearing nothing but furs over her nakedness,
watching the sun go down with one of an endless list of admirers. She was sorely
The man too seemed impressed by the way the lovely young blonde complemented her
surroundings. He led her over to a white chair and told her to sit down. "Now pull
your panties off. And spread your legs wide. I want to look at your cunt!"
Trembling with excitement, the girl did as she was told. She pulled her skirt up over her
hips, so the man had a clear view of her blonde-thatched pussy. At his command, she
slid forward a little in the chair. The soft chair fabric created lewd stimulation on her
bare buttocks. "What are you going to do, Barney?" Her voice shook. It thrilled her to
be sitting in this beautiful room, her pussy lewdly bared to the wealthy older man. She
was dying for him to pay some attention to her pulsing cunt-slit.
Barney's eyes looked glazed as they drank in the inviting prospect of the girl's naked
pussy. He slipped onto the rug between her thighs and reached for her fragile cunt-lips.
"I think I'd like to eat this sweet little cunt of yours. Would you like that, Donna,
Just the touch of his fingers on her cunt-lips made the blonde's whole body quiver
responsively. "Oooohhh! God, yesss! Eat my pussy! I feel so excited!"
Her child-like pleading helped whet the man's appetite. Holding her pussy-lips wide
apart, he bent forward and stabbed her cit with his tongue.
"Aaaaaahhhh! Oh, yessss! Lick me like that. Please, Barney!"
She needed to say northing more. The sight of her fleshy cunt-slit squirming up against

his face, begging for more attention, was all the encouragement Barney needed.
Extending his tongue as far as it would go, he ran it over her pussy-hole, all the way
down to her tight-clenched asshole. He followed the same route back up, eliciting moan
after desire-tensed moan from the quaking girl. His tongue trailed round and round her
swelling clitoris before once again setting out on its salacious downward journey. "It
feels so wonderful! Sooo wonderful!"
Driven on by her unchecked wails, Barney stabbed his tongue a little way up into her
pussy-hole. He could feel her internal muscles clenching around his intrusion, trying to
pull him deeper. Relishing her disappointed groan, he pulled out, then licked up and
down the wet surface of her pussy. When she was least expecting it, he inserted his
tongue into her cunt once again, and once again she shivered and shrieked with wanton
"Oh, yes! More! More!" She was hunched carelessly down in the big chair now, her
clothes bunched up around her waist. With obscene little motions, she rocked her cunt-
mound up in the man's face, making it easier for him to probe deeper along her juicy
furrow. "Aaaaaaiiiieeeee!"
Inspired by an urge to do mischief, Barney drove his tongue against the girl's asshole,
drove it a little way up inside. Even more than his tongue in her cunt, this experience
seemed to drive Donna to new heights of distracted abandon. She spread her thighs as
far apart as she could get them and humped the man's face. Her head was thrown back
against the chair. Her eyes were closed. She was possessed by a demon, a demon that
demanded every iota of sensation she could wrench from her lover's attentive tongue.
Grunting, Donna grabbed Barney by his thinning hair, and tried to pull him harder
against her cunt. Her enthusiasm drove the big man on in his endeavors. His pace over
her pussy increased until she was grinding her cunt furiously against his face, until her

whole body was tensed at the brink of release.
"Oooooohlth! Aaaiiieee! I'm coming! I'm cuming, Barney!" she shrieked.
The man noticed the surprise in her voice. He thought it derived simply from her
surprise at the suddenness of her release; But Donna had never come so quickly and
easily before. She was learning how to truly let go, the way Fay did. She was becoming
completely comfortable with the needs and the feelings of her body. A wonderful
relaxed grin settled over her face. She didn't care what happened next. She felt good.
Damned good!
Barney, on the other hand, was far more interested in what happened next. He had a
stiff, aching swelling in his pants, and a raunchy desire to do something about it.
Pulling the limp girl from her chair, he turned her around so she was kneeling against
the support of the chair. Quickly he pulled his cock from his fly and guided the bulbous
head toward her gleaming pussy-slit. He found the fleshy opening and shoved.
"Uuuuuhhh! Christ! Yes! Fuck me!" The brutal entry of the hard filling cock was like
the icing on the cake of pleasure. Donna realized she was enjoying a landmark
occasion. With the aid of this sensual man, she was finally crossing over the border
from matured childhood to blooming womanhood. Her voice had never sounded so
lustily abandoned to her own ears. Her body had never been so open to the prospect of
getting fucked and fucked and fucked until she could stand no more. At last she was
possessed with the knowledge of her own capacity for pleasure. And she was ready to
harvest all the sweet memories her shapely body could endure. "Christ, your cock reels
so good in my cunt!"
Her obscene encouragement made Barney's balls throb with excitement. His pace grew
harder, deeper, faster. Her cries grew louder and more abandoned. Her ass thrust ever

more wantonly back against his driving loins. They were two rutting beasts, absorbed in
their own lusty passions. They were hunting for big game, searching out the
tumultuous force lurking deep in their beings. His hands kneaded her ass-cheeks until
red welts stood out on their white curves. She felt no pain. There was only pleasure
where Donna was.
Suddenly, for the second time that afternoon, the young blonde shouted out her
"Oh, Barney! It's won-der-ful-l-l! I'm commmm-ing-g!"
Barney seemed to trip right over her fallen barriers. "Shit! Look out, baby! I'm filling
you up!"
When they had caught their breath, they made love again. Donna had two more
orgasms. The blonde was ecstatic. She had never had more than, one orgasm in a
lovemaking session. Her body seemed suddenly to have blown right open. At last, her
body was completely in harmony with the lusty capacity of her libido.
Before she left, Donna made a deal with Barney. She would move into his apartment.
He would have rights to three nights out of her week. It seemed like a very workable
and highly attractive arrangement.

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Default Chapter 9

Chapter 9
Donna hoped that Fay would be happy for her when she found out about her new
apartment. But the redhead was cool toward her young cousin.
"Well, I guess you know what you're doing, Donna. God knows, I can't take it upon
myself to be responsible for you. Just be sure the old bugger isn't going to take you for
a long ride off a short pier."
Tears sprang to the blonde's eyes. She couldn't understand why Fay was being so sour
grapes. Was it possible the older woman was jealous? Why else should Fay be so
suspicious of one of her men friends when she never said anything bad about any of
her own? "Won't you at least come over and see the place? It's so beautiful. I know
you'll love it."
Far from appeasing Fay, seeing the apartment only seemed to make her more
withdrawn. She stayed only a few minutes. At parting, she gave the blonde a quick peck
on the cheek. "Take care of yourself, Donna. And remember the warning I gave you!"
"Don't worry about me, Fay I hope you'll come to see me often. Here, I had a key made
for you. Drop by whenever you like." Fay seemed reluctant, but she took the key.
For the first time since she had come to the big city, Donna lay down on her king-sized
bed and cried. She was afraid she had lost her best friend and lover. She could only
hope that time and distance would heal the wounds.
For the first two weeks, Donna communicated with Fay only once, by phone. The
conversation was brief and unsatisfying. The pain the young girl felt on separating from
her cousin was muted by the excitement of being on her own for the first time. The

ceaseless admiration she got from her men friends made her feel less lonely. Their good
loving made it easier for her to bear the loss of her woman lover and her dog.
Instinctively, Donna had avoided telling Barney about her passion for the German
shepherd. She suspected that the older man would not approve. When she suggested he
buy her a dog for protection and company, he refused. "No way I want this apartment
ruined by some crazy mutt. You can have a canary if you want, but no dogs!"
A canary would not quite suit Donna's purpose, so she forgot the idea. She had enough
men around to keep her satisfied - most of the time, anyway. Some day she would have
her very own dog.
There was only one man that she had met through Barney who made her feel
uncomfortable. He was a tall blond, a striking man about forty years old. Barney had
brought him over on one of their appointed evenings. The stranger said a little more
than hello to Donna. He did not make love to her. He sat and watched her and Barney,
apparently taking no pleasure from viewing their abandoned coupling. He watched
them as another man might watch an engine running - to see how it worked. Several
days later, Barney called and said she would have a visit from this Curt on their next
reserved evening. Barney would not be there.
"Be a good girl and keep him happy, will you? That man makes a lot of money for me."
Donna was very nervous the night she expected Curt. She recalled Fay's warning about
men who might take advantage of her. She considered calling Fay for advice, and then
thought better of it. At this state in their relationship, she could not say she trusted Fay
to give her clear-headed advice. The redhead seemed more interested in criticizing than
in advising or helping, in any way.

Several times, she changed her dress, trying to find just the thing that would appeal to
the tall, unsmiling Curt. She finally decided on a bright red lounging gown with
matching panties. It was almost transparent, but not enough to let the man be entirely
sure of what he was seeing.
Once dressed, she poured herself a double Scotch and sipped greedily at it. The searing
liquid gave her the jolt of courage she needed. When the expected ring of the doorbell
finally came, she rushed into the bathroom to gargle with mouthwash before answering
it. She didn't want the arrogant-looking man to suspect she needed the help of alcohol
to confront him.
He was formally dressed in a black tuxedo and a lace-trimmed white shirt. He looked
very hand some, in an untouchable way. Donna thought she detected a slight crack in
the firm set of his jaw. Perhaps he was trying to smile at her.
To her surprise, the young blonde no longer felt intimidated by the idea of being alone
with this strange man. She congratulated herself on the timely prescription of the
"Good evening, Curt. Won't you please come in?" If he could be formal, so could she.
She could beat him at his own game if that was the way he wanted it. Or maybe he
would see how stuffy he was being, and he would loosen up a little.
He closed the door behind him and followed her into the living room. He nodded his
head when she suggested Scotch. So far he had spoken not a word. He held the glass
she offered him to his lips and downed the contents in one swallow. He set the glass on
the bar and stared at her.
"I don't like that dress! Take it off!"

His words were uttered so abruptly, in so assured a manner, that she didn't think for a
moment of disobeying him. She took a long drink of her Scotch, then she removed her
dress. She stood naked but for her red panties, trembling under his assessing glare.
"The panties, too! Take them off!"
The panties followed the dress into a heap on the rug. The girl had never felt ashamed
of her nakedness, but this time she tried to hide the blonde vee of her pubic hair. She
felt so very vulnerable, she had an automatic need to try to protect herself.
Quick as lightning, his hand reached out and slapped her hand away from her pussy.
"How dare you hide yourself from me! When I'm looking at you, you let me look at
you! Is that understood?"
She nodded, but a strange feeling had taken hold of her. At the sound of his booming
voice, a surge of lust raced up and down her spine. For some perverted reason, his
attempts to humiliate her seemed to be striking a responsive chord in her psyche. "Yes,"
she repeated submissively, "I understand."
"Good. Now take this into the other room and put it on. Come back when you're
She thought it odd that, now that she was already naked, he should instruct her to go
into the other room to dress. She did as she was told. At the moment, she didn't really
feel she had much choice. Pleasing this man was her way of paying the rent. If he gave
a bad report to Barney, she could very well end up in the street.
Inside the fancy plastic .bag he had been carrying upon his arrival was a plain black
garter belt, black stockings and black spike heels. The shoes were of shiny patent

leather, the kind of shoes that women hadn't worn for close to twenty years. They made
Donna very tall. She enjoyed her leggy, seductive appearance in the mirror. The last
part of the outfit surprised and confused the blonde. It looked like the tunic of a
military uniform. When she put it on, it reached to just above her pussy-hair. Now that
she was dressed in the strange get-up, she could see why Curt had chosen it. It made
her look wicked somehow, at least from the neck down.
When she returned to the living room, she found him waiting for her. This time, she
was sure she saw the trace of a smile flicker across his features. Apparently she pleased
him. She dared to make an attempt at humor. "How do I look?" she asked in a cute,
little-girl voice, twirling in front of him.
"Shut up!" he barked. He motioned to a straight-legged dining chair that he had set in
the middle of the living room, facing the couch. "Sit down there!"
Intensely aware of the round swells of her ass peeking out from under her uniform top,
she walked away from him over to the chair. She sat very straight in the chair, knees
together this way, the tunic almost covered her pussy-hair.
He walked briskly over to the couch and sat facing her. "Spread your legs! Wider!"
Feeling titillated and ashamed at the same time, she slowly spread her thighs. He was
not satisfied until they were spread wide, exposing all the secrets of her tight pink cunt
and her nub-like cit that was just visible through her kinky cunt-hair.
"Slide forward on the chair a little! I want to see your asshole!"
More pangs of masochistic pleasure gripped at her belly as she slouched her hips
forward until her but rested on the very edge of the chair. Somehow, just having a man

sitting and staring at her exposed cunt was much more a test of her sexuality than
actually fucking a stranger. Curt's examination of her lewdly clad body, her widespread
cunt, made her examine herself more closely than she had in a long time. What was she
doing here? Why was she experiencing perverse enjoyment from what the man was
doing to her?
The only answer was the continued excitement running up and down her spine, the
growing throbbing in her cunt. She could feel the moisture running from her pussy,
trickling onto the hardwood chair. Automatically she wriggled her cunt down against
the cool stimulating surface. She groaned suddenly at her steady building arousal. She
could feel her clitoris growing hard, poking its way through the forest of her pussy-hair.
"You're getting excited, I see." He seemed satisfied with her response. "Why don't you
play with yourself now so I can watch."
At first, she stared dumbly at the man, scarcely believing the words her ears told her
she was hearing. It was not that Donna shrank from the idea of being an exhibitionist.
Several times, she had made love to a man, a woman or a dog, while someone else
looked on. She had even masturbated over at Fay's apartment, knowing all the time that
Fay was watching through a crack in the door.
But this! To obey such a cold-blooded order from such a cold man. To sit here in this
stark chair in this bizarre uniform and rouse herself to orgasm for the amusement of
her tormentor! The idea seemed too incredibly depraved for words.
And yet, from somewhere deep in her belly, came a jolt of masochistic excitement,
stronger this time than she had ever felt it before. She knew that she wanted to obey
the man's lewd command. Much as her better self rebelled against the cold-blooded

humiliation, she craved it. Something in her craved it!
"Do it!" The man was growing impatient with her squeamishness. His cry was so
terrible, it frightened her into action. Slowly, surely, she slipped a hand down into her
pussy-slit. Tentatively, she caressed the tender wet flesh.
"Uuuulth!" Donna was so preoccupied with the circumstances of what she was doing,
that she scarcely expected to experience pleasure when her fingers grazed her pussy.
The lusty shudder that wring her body like a sponge surprised her and aroused her. She
began to stroke her cunt-slit more wantonly, sliding a finger along either side of her
clitoris, tantalizing the swelling bud with her palm on each downstroke. "Mmmm!" She
felt almost ashamed of the spontaneous moans that burst from her lips. But, when she
looked at him, she saw that his eyes were shining with lust. Drawing a reaction from
the stranger was worth the price of her own self-abasement!
It seemed a real achievement to have aroused the flesh of this bloodless man! She cast a
quick glance it the crotch of his tuxedo pants. There it was! The unmistakable bulge of
his cock! The sight of it made the touch of her hand rubbing up and down her exposed
cunt all the more inciting. She wanted him to take control of her, to fuck her. The
thought made her heart beat fast, her hand move quicker up between her thighs.
He saw that she was staring at the swelling in his pants, but he made no objection. He
realized she thought she had won a victory! It was evident from the proud little grin on
her face. That didn't bother him either. She would know soon enough who was the
winner here!
"Stick your finger into your asshole!"
The demands he was making of her were growing more and more outlandish. She

trembled with depraved excitement as she prodded one of her wet fingertips against the
puckered flower of her asshole. A lightning jolt of powerful proportions shook her as
the finger slipped an inch or two up inside. So excited was she, she pushed harder,
oblivious to any internal resistance, to get the finger embedded all the way in her
"Uuuuuhh! Christ!" Donna breathed, letting her head fall back in the first moment of
"Feels good, eh, cunt? You like playing your little asshole, do you? I thought you would.
I decided the first time, when I watched you fuck Barney, that you'd take anything a
man wanted to give you and probably deserve all of it, too!" His words were harsh,
bitter, but still they made her feel weak with desire for him.
To please him, to revel in her own subservient depravity, she squirmed her finger
around deep in her. "Your cock's beautiful!" she sighed.
Though the excitement was pulsing hotly through his veins, Curt was not the sort of
man who liked to betray his emotions, no matter what form they took. His manner
toward the girl was hard and unyielding. "You're a greedy little bitch, aren't you?" he
accused her, ignoring her praise. "Getting a quick one off! What's the matter? Don't
you think I'll take care of you?"
"Oh, no! I know you will! I know your beautiful cock's just for me!" Basking in her
subservience, she sought to appease the man with flattery. She would have licked his
feet right then if he had asked her to. Anything to get him to stick that ramrod prick in
her pussy!
To control his arousal, he gritted his teeth. He pulled her roughly down off the chair

and made her kneel against it, thrusting her garter-clad ass up in his face. With
trembling fingers, he stroked the lush curves of her buttocks. "Don't worry, cunt!" Ills
voice had become strangely soft. Donna thought maybe his attitude toward her, too,
was Soften "You're going to get it! Everything you want!"
With a sudden abrupt movement, he shoved his cock-head against her relaxed
sphincter. Her little asshole was still remembering th pleasure that had rocked it a few
moments before. Her guard was down. His big prick slid easily up into her asshole.
So startled was the blonde by this sudden fierce contradiction of all her hopes, that the
first searing pain took a moment to register. She did not know how to respond.
Then the pain swept away the trivial efforts of her mind. In one shocking instant, it
became her only and total reality. "Aaaaaaiiieee! Oh, God-d-d! What are you doing to
meeee! Stop! Stop! It hurts!"
Once again the cold smile took possession of Curt's features. He watched her garter
streaked ass squirming before him, trying to escape his ruthless impalement. He loved
the sight of her struggles. They made him feel so powerful. They made his cock ache
with steadily mounting pleasure.
"Don't worry, cunt! A horny little bitch like you. should be able to take a cock in the
ass! You take everything else, don't you?" It thrilled him to think he was taking her
cherry back there. It had been a while since he had broken a new one in to the
pleasures of ass-fucking.
Gripping. her cruelly by her wriggling hips, he pulled his cock three-quarters of the way
out of her tight hole. He saw her relax a little, in the expectation that he was going to
let her free. It gave him great delight to shove his bludgeoning cock deep back up into

her forever-stretched rectum. She was going to learn who was boss, learn to accept what
her boss wanted to do to her, no matter how severe the humiliation for her.
The girl's last hope was dashed when the man drove his cock deep into her asshole for
the second time. Obviously, he had no intention of taking pity on her. He intended to
go through with his devilish scheme.
She was being screwed in the ass ruthlessly! Her tight little hole was filled to brimming
with a fiercely skewering cock!
Though the girl did not understand her response, she still experienced a definite tremor
of masochistic excitement. Even as the pain continued to spasm her belly, to force her
to try to pull away from him, her mind was reveling in depraved thoughts of the
wanton humiliation her tormentor was subjecting her to. The more she fell prey to
these obscene thoughts, the less attention she paid to her discomfort. In fact, her mental
excitement even prompted her to tentatively shove her ass back against the hard-driving
cock. "Uuuuuhhhh!"
Cooperating with her debasement, she found at once, greatly relieved the pain, that had
been largely the result of her resistance. The more she relaxed, the better she felt.
Devilish spasms of lust began to clasp hold of her and shake her loose. She was learning
to enjoy this most abject humiliation of all! "Aaaahhh!"
The big man concentrated on the incredible pleasure that her tightest hole was dealing
his hard aching cock. As he sawed his cock steadily into her rectum, he noted the
change in the tone of her cries. The inevitable masochistic excitement was slowly
replacing the hurt and fear. His cock in her asshole was turning her on!
"Shit! You greedy little cunt! I knew it! I knew you'd go for it!" He began to screw her

in longer deeper strokes, while he spat out accusations of her shameless wantonness.
Even her sadistic lover's contemptuous comments only increased Donna's arousal. The
more insulting his comments became, the harder she struggled to please him. As she
grew more and more relaxed under his pummeling, she became more aware of every
curve and swell of his hard prick as it drove again and again deep into her anus. She
loved the way it felt in her. She loved the obscene knowledge that his ramrod cock was
reaming her brutally. Now she was a sodomite too. And she loved it.
"Oooohhh, God-d-d! Do it to me! Fuck me in the ass! Christ! It feels so good!" The
sound of her lewd encouragement was music to the young girl's ears. She continued to
spew lusty comments back at him, at the same time thrusting her ass determinedly back
against his loins, forcing him to work harder to fill her deeper. "Aaaaggghhh!"
Even the worldly Curt had never seen a woman respond to humiliation with such
enthusiasm. Her tight asshole gripping his cock combined with her bawdy
encouragements and wanton maneuverings to force his blood to a near-boil. His fingers
made cruel welts in her ass as he labored over her, pummeling her asshole with
determined energy. The big man knew it would not be long before he would have to let
go his self-control, to fill her ass full of his cum and he wanted to make sure, she was
properly worn out first.
Again and again his turgid prick forced wide the inflamed walls of her rectum. She kept
up with him blow for blow, but her cries were becoming more incomprehensible. Her
head lolled crazily from side to side.
"Uuuuuhhh! Oh, Goddd! I'm commmming!" The force of her orgasm seemed to
wrench the young blonde limb from limb. It robbed her of all her strength. It left her a

quivering hulk of powerless ecstasy. If it hadn't been for Curt's arms, she would have
crumbled into a heap on the floor.
Her buttocks shook as he rammed her in long powerful strokes. She was still moaning
wantonly when he shot a hot roiling load of cum deep into her violated asshole. "Jee-
zuz!" he murmured, then clammed up. He had already given away too much of his
pleasure in the woman. He didn't want her to know how totally she had pleased him.

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