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Default coupling now excited her. She felt a part of the salacious interchange. A great family

coupling now excited her. She felt a part of the salacious interchange. A great family
orgy - that promised pleasure and more pleasure. "Screw meeeee!"
Freed now of the inhibitions that had held them back before, the foursome devoted
themselves to the building energy in the room. Reservations were shattered. Moral
qualms forgotten. Jay and Chad's dream of a built-in swapping couple seemed to have
come true. At the moment, no one was regretting the situation. Everyone was too busy
feeling good.
Kenny had to grit his teeth to keep himself from yielding immediately to the urge to fill
his sister's ass full of hot cum. Her anus was gripping his penis so tightly, it made him
gasp with pleasure. The squeeze reminded him of the double perversion of what he was
doing... screwing his own sister and in the ass at that!
The redhead could not remember ever being so excited. It had been enough of a turn-
on just to screw her brother. But now that he was giving it to her in the ass, with his
wife getting it in the pussy right next to them, Jay was doing mental flip-flops of sheer
catapulting passion. She wanted it harder, deeper, faster. And she twisted her ass-cheeks
this way and that to provoke the response she was after.
"Oh God, Kenny darling! Screw my ass, baby! I love it!" Once again she leaned over to
Su-Ann and kissed her deeply. The combined input from husband and wife pushed her
over the brink into climax. She came hard. Her moans and squirms left the others in no
doubt of what was happening.
Su-Ann caught the wave of Jay's excitement. She felt the explosion shatter her nerve-
endings, squeeze her body like a juicy orange until every last sensation was wrung out
of her. "Ooooohhh... it's good to cummmmmm!" In between moans, she covered Jay's
face with wet kisses.
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