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Default Chad watched expectantly over his shoulder as Kenny approached his wife. He

Chad watched expectantly over his shoulder as Kenny approached his wife. He
continued to ram his penis in hard impaling rhythm deep into Su-Ann's twat. The
blonde was watching her husband too. In fact, Kenny had a captive audience.
Kenny got onto the bed and walked on his knees up to his sister's ass that still waved in
the air like an erotic banner. He grasped her ass-cheeks and dug his fingers into the
smooth flesh. "Christ, this is some family I've got! Now it's dogs!" His words betrayed
an excitement more powerful than his anger. His fingers began to fondle the dripping
slit up between her thighs. He spread the moisture lewdly all the way up to her asshole.
He guided his cock to her tiny sphincter and shoved all the way into the base.
"Uuuuuugghhh!" As soon as Kenny felt the hot grip of her rectal muscles, his entire
being melted into the sheer thrill of screwing his sister in the ass. He forgot about the
obscene act that had provoked him. "Shit, it feels good up in there, baby!" He began to
move his cock back and forth in the tight chamber in long voluptuous strokes. Her
groans arousal drove him on, until he was matching the pace of his brother-in-law, still
screwing his wife's pussy.
High-pitched moans filled the bedroom. The men grunted in wanton surrender as they
struggled to keep up with the inspired females. Their cocks emerged from pink flesh
only to drive back up inside in sudden impaling dashes of lustful energy.
"Oh, screw my ass, Kenny darling!"
"My pussy feels so good!" To her surprise, Su-Ann discovered she was no longer
shattered by the knowledge that her husband was making love to his sister. The lurid
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