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Default SISTER'S PET Zoo Sex STORY - Chapter

SISTER'S PET Zoo Sex STORY - Chapter
Kenny watched for what seemed a long time, completely unable to speak or move. He
had just been wrenched out of one awesome reality right into another.
The emotions shared between him and his sister had been intense. Love, lust, self-
indulgence. Suddenly there was something else to deal with. His neglected wife had
found her own outlet at the very same time he was enjoying his incestuous spree with
Jay. And they had been spying on him!
The way the kneeling blonde was welcoming Chad's cock made Kenny suspicious that
this was not the first time the two had been lovers. They moved so smoothly together.
He saw Chad grinning up at him, and he wanted to slap his face. He decided against it.
After all, he himself was not guiltless. He had just been screwing Chad's wife. What's
more, Chad was a good thirty pounds heavier and a lot more skilled in the art of
combat. Even in his moment of greatest confusion, Kenny was no fool.
At last the redheaded husband found his voice. "What the hell's going on here?"
Only now did Su-Ann look up at him. Her eyes were glazed with lust. She grinned
stupidly, obviously unable to tear herself away from the stroking reality in her pussy,
even when faced with her own husband!
"Hi, Kenny!"
Vivid in her lust-dimmed mind was the picture of her husband screwing his sister.
Kenny had been every bit as wanton as she was being now. He couldn't possibly find
fault with her. What she had to do, before anything else, was ride out the intense
passion welling from her loins. First and foremost, her quest for orgasm.
He was stunned. He expected her to be terrified, horrorstruck. How dare she just keep
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