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Default Chapter 1

Chapter 1
Sally crouched in a corner, whimpering with fear. Outside she could hear the sounds of
destruction as the raiders pillaged the city. She smelled smoke. They were starting to
burn the buildings.
She looked around frantically for some way of escape. Impossible. There were only two
exits from her bedroom - the door and the window, and the window had a heavy iron
grating over it. No use that way, anyhow. She could hear the raiders shouting and
laughing in the narrow street below.
Sally contemplated making a run for it out of her door, but she was afraid to open it.
Inside her bedroom she felt as if she had at least the illusion of safety, unless, of course,
the house was put to the torch. It had taken her several minutes to drop the heavy
wooden bar across the door. The door itself was heavy, made of thick, hand-hewn
Suddenly the frightened girl heard a sound in the hall. Her hand flew to her mouth.
If she was lucky, they'd pass by her room. But no! The sight of a closed door was too
much for them. "What the hell's in here?" she heard a gruff voice call out. The latch
rattled. Someone was putting their weight against the door. "Locked, by God!" the same
rough voice said.
The door shook violently, but the heavy bar held it. Sally heard other voices out in the
hall. "There must be something really valuable in there," an excited voice said. "Let's
beat the door in."
"Get that big bench... we'll use it for a battering ram," the gruff voice called out.
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