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Default There were a lot of things to handle. The passion he had experienced with his sister had

There were a lot of things to handle. The passion he had experienced with his sister had
been raw and overwhelming. For a while, he was convinced he was in love with her.
Then screwing his wife in the ass had convinced him of some other realities. Despite
the trouble he had been having turning on to Su-Ann, she still meant a great deal to
him. It had been intensely satisfying to plunder her anus, to feel her responding so
wantonly to his unnatural attentions.
Both women - so beautiful, so desirable. One his own sister - incest. He found the
shocking reality of that word had little effect on him. What he needed to know was:
could he live with and make love to both of them and still be a well-balanced, normal
guy. He sensed from Chad's seduction of Su-Ann that the older couple was more than
ready to accept a swap arrangement. It was a heavy decision, with a lot of heavy
emotions involved. He just couldn't be sure. But he felt good enough about everyone to
be able to come home.
Home was not what he had been expecting. Instead of an anxious waiting family, he
found another orgy, with a change of setting from the last one, but even more depraved
than before. He was just in time to see the dog blow his wad into his beautiful sister's
cunt. He watched dumbstruck while Jay moaned and wiggled out her ecstasy. Then he
entered the room. He was shaking. Perversion after perversion! He didn't want to
believe his eyes but he had to. Compared to what Jay was up to, the fact that his wife
was again screwing Chad scarcely registered.
"Hey, I'm really sorry you guys have all been so worried." The sarcasm was heavy. So
was the excitement. He removed his clothes to reveal a heavy throbbing erection. "Jee-
zuz... a dog! A dog, Jay!"
Friar dismounted the woman and trotted up to Kenny, looking for strokes. He didn't
pay any attention to the animal.
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