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Default rhythm that matched the dog's pace. At first he thought that Su-Ann had not even

rhythm that matched the dog's pace. At first he thought that Su-Ann had not even
noticed the changeover. Her ass still squirmed lewdly back. Her moans were still loud
and incoherent. Then she looked curiously back over her shoulder, watching Friar
rutting over Jay's buttocks. The blonde stared at the redhead in amazement. "You do it
too! I'm not the only one... "
"Where do you think Friar learned all his tricks darling?" Jay bent her mouth to the
girl's and kissed her deeply. Su-Ann felt a wrenching tremor of arousal. There was
something so sinfully pleasing about kissing another woman. Jay's mouth was so soft
and yielding compared to a man's - more adventurous somehow, more open to
probing. The blonde drove her tongue deep up between her sister-in-law's lips,
demanding a return of passion from the redhead. Jay did not need to be coaxed. While
her ass wiggled in time to Friar's hard-driving cock, her tongue fucked Su-Ann's mouth.
The women's display of lust drove Chad to more fervent efforts into the blonde's cunt.
His penis rutted forward again and again. He varied his angle slightly on each stroke.
Su-Ann quivered responsively. He noticed there was something more relaxed this time
about her sexuality. She was still as sexy, as intense, as open. But she didn't seem to be
fleeing from herself anymore. She didn't seem to be avoiding recognizing the reality of
what was happening to her. "Oooohh, baby... you're some woman!" He felt richer than
Getty. Alone with two of the sexiest women he had ever known. Alone except for Friar,
who was definitely a second-in-command. Even Chad knew he couldn't handle both
these wanton women on his own, at least not without a constant input of vitamins.
They were hungry ladies!
It was strange, the comradeship he felt with the dog as they lunged their cocks in
syncopated time deep up into the women's cunts. They were both panting heavily,
giving their all to the luscious welcoming holes that closed wetly around them.
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