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Default Heedless of his wife's cries, Kenny worked his cock back and forth in her forever

Heedless of his wife's cries, Kenny worked his cock back and forth in her forever
stretched rectum. For the moment, his own confusion and hostilities were forgotten. He
had never enjoyed this brand of sadistic pleasure. It overwhelmed him... drove him on
to new heights of abandon.
The pleading cries of the pinioned young wife had no effect on the watching couple,
other than to increase their arousal. Jay's hand worked more quickly over Chad's cock-
shaft as she relished the sight of her sister-in-law struggling to take her brother's cock
up the ass. The longer she watched the lurid goings-on, the wetter grew her cunt. She
wanted it too. She wanted what Su-Ann was getting.
"Stick your cock up my ass!" Her words came out in an urgent burst of arousal.
Chad lost no time in obeying his wife's summons. He kneeled up behind her on the
bed and soaked his cock in the juices flowing from Jay's cunt - a mixture of her
excitement and his brother-in-law's cum. Then he took his glistening cock and shoved
it up into her rectum Instead of pain, a low moan of pleasure rushed from between
Jay's lips. She began to screw her ass back at her husband as his cock reamed her nether
hole in long rhythmic strokes. "Oh Chad darling... your cock feels good up my ass!"
Though he was still enjoying the intensity of screwing his wife's ass, Kenny felt an
immediate rush of jealousy as he realized what was going on on the bed. After the
wanton passion he had enjoyed with Jay, it hurt him to see his sister succumbing to her
husband's feverish passion. To work out his confusion, he drove his penis harder and
deeper up into his kneeling wife's ass.
Through tear-dimmed eyes, Su-Ann surveyed the rutting couple on the bed. Chad was
screwing Jay in the ass, the same as Kenny was doing to her! Jay was loving it,
thrusting her ass back to welcome his every sodomizing lunge. At first the blonde was
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