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Default Sally didn't start struggling until she felt the man's hand pulling up her dress, baring

Sally didn't start struggling until she felt the man's hand pulling up her dress, baring
her legs. "No!" she cried out, trying to push him away. Her fingernails left bloody
tracks down his bristly cheeks.
The man's other hand crashed into Sally's face. She reeled back, dazed. "Come on," the
one-eyed man called to his companions. "Help me get these damned clothes off her!"
Sally was spun around as a man began tearing at the heavy material of her long skirt.
She heard more fabric tearing, then there was a cool air over her naked legs. Her
underclothing was being pulled at, ripped free of her cowering body. She was too
stunned, too confused to defend herself. Not that it would have done any good against
so many strong ruthless men.
Sally was picked up and flung down on the bed like a rag doll. She was certain she was
going to be killed. Her flesh slimnk away from the expected agony of sharp thrusting
But instead she felt hands. Hands all over her body, caressing her tits, pawing at her
thighs, digging toward her crotch. She let out a sigh almost of relief. At least for the
moment she was going to live.
Her eyes were tightly shut. She slowly opened them. The men were gathered all around
her on the bed. Their eyes glittered with lust as they sampled her lush naked body.
"Get your hand the hell out of there. Her cunt's mine. I'm the one who found her," the
one-eyed man said. He slapped another man's hand away from her pussy. A moment
later Sally felt his hand sliding between her thighs.
She let out an involuntary gasp as he brutally rammed one thick finger up into her
cunt. She felt the calloused hand sliding past her thick outer pussy lips, prying open her
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