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Default "Bah!" the big man snarled, shaking off the other man's arm. "We'll take her to the

"Bah!" the big man snarled, shaking off the other man's arm. "We'll take her to the
square, all right. But that doesn't mean we can't do a little sampling first. Let's see what
we've got," he bellowed.
He reached out a huge paw. Sally tried to flinch away, but she was as far back in the
corner as she could go. The man's hand seized the bodice of her low-cut dress and
yanked hard.
The rich, heavy material was surprisingly strong. It held for a moment, so that Sally
was jerked roughly forward, her head snapping back sharply. The man pulled again and
this time the material gave.
There was a loud ripping sound. The dress tore down to Sally's waist, baring her
breasts, which were naked beneath it.
There was an admiring murmur from the men. "Gawd... look at them beauties!" one of
the men hissed. For a moment they all held still, staring at the girl's lush, taut young
breasts, rising and falling rapidly in time to her frightened breathing. The pale pink
nipples were puckered with fear.
Suddenly the big one-eyed man moved forward. His fingers sank into the soft flesh of
the girl's naked tits. Sally felt pain, then a moment later his mouth crushed down on
hers. She felt his tongue worm insinuatingly into her mouth. She was too stunned, too
frightened to resist.
Then the man's mouth moved down to her breasts, wandering hotly over the soft
swelling flesh. Sally shuddered as she felt the wetness of his mouth close around one
nipple. Oh, this was awful! An abomination! A hideous travesty of the tender caresses
she was used to from her husband!
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