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Default just grazing her nipple. Sally fought an urge to arch her back, shoving her tit more

just grazing her nipple. Sally fought an urge to arch her back, shoving her tit more
tightly against Helen's mouth. This teasing action of the other woman's tongue was
driving her crazy!
Helen seemed to read her mind. She opened her lips, then sucked the nipple deep into
her mouth. "Oooohhhhh," Sally moaned. It was the first hint she'd given of the
pleasure radiating through her tits.
Helen moved her mouth to the other nipple, then back and forth between each tit.
Sally's breath began to suck in and out shudderingly. She didn't moan again. She
She was aware of one of Helen's hands moving down toward her cunt. She didn't fight
it this time. Instead she opened her thighs wider, making room for the hand as it
groped down between her legs.
At first Helen seemed content with merely cupping her pussy mound while still sucking
her tits. The cupped hand softly squeezed the hair-covered mound. But all the while the
middle finger was slowly brushing pussy hair out of the way. All of a sudden Sally's
pussy lips parted and the finger slipped deep into her slit.
"Ooooohhhh," Sally moaned again as Helen's finger glided up her wildly sensitive slit
and found her throbbing clit.
Sally realized how wet her cunt was. So far she'd been paying attention only to her tits,
and what Helen's mouth was doing to them. Now, she heard Helen's finger swishing
wetly through her steaming, dripping slit, and felt the hot juices squirting out onto her
trembling thighs.
Helen played her clit like it was a musical instrument. She took every conceivable type
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