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Default warned herself.

warned herself.
"I haven't seen you for a while," Helen Said.
I haven't felt like going out much."
"Well... Yes."
"Sorry to pry, but I could read it on your face. Want to talk about it?"
Sally hesitated. Well, why not get it off her chest. "The usual," she finally said.
"Marriage problems."
"Sex life's dying by inches, huh?" Helen said wryly.
Sally's head jerked around. "How did you know?" she blurted.
Helen laughed. "Relax, I haven't been spying. It's normal enough let's see, you been
married two or three years now, time enough for problems like that to crop up. Besides,
your whole body shows it. You look pretty frustrated and horny, baby."
"God, it really does show, huh?" Sally said glumly. "I admit it. I haven't had a good
fuck for months."
Why was she telling Helen all these things she wondered? Normally she kept her
mouth shut about her private affairs. But it did feel good to tell someone else, someone
"Have you thought about taking a lover?" Helen asked.
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