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Default There was no way to fight back. Not really. For a moment she thought of biting down

There was no way to fight back. Not really. For a moment she thought of biting down
on the rubbery shaft filling her mouth. But she knew she'd suffer for that. Once again
the thought of sharp steel slicing into her flesh filled Sally with horror.
No, she'd have to go ahead and suck the man's cock. She'd have to suck it until he...
until he came in her mouth. Horrible thought!
Or was it? The finger in Sally's cunt was affecting her imagination. The cock in her
mouth began to excite her. It's hot rubbery, aliveness. The odor of male crotch. Even
the knowledge that sooner or later the little man's cock was going to squirt hot slippery
sperm down her throat.
"Mmmmpphhhh! Mmmnnnggg... uuunnnggg," Sally mumbled around the huge prick
filling her mouth. "Oh, God... like hot butter inside... like hot butter!" the little man
wailed. His eyes were nearly popping from his head with pleasure.
He began humping his hips downward, sawing his enormous cock in and out of Sally's
mouth. She felt her lips stretching cruelly. The tip of the cock battered at the back of
her throat, making her choke.
But to her amazement, she found herself sucking. Sucking on the cock that had been
rammed so brutally down her throat. Her cheeks hollowed and filled. She managed to
open her throat wide, letting the little man's prick slide partway down her throat. His
cock was all the way in her mouth now. His wiry crotch hair was plastered to her upper
lip like an obscene moustache.
The little man wailed, his whole body writhing with delight Sally felt his cock swelling
even larger in her mouth. She knew he was going to cum and tried to get ready for it.
But she choked and coughed as gush after gush of scalding, salty sperm rushed into her
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