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Default Su-Ann realized that, despite all that had happened to her in the last few days, she had

Su-Ann realized that, despite all that had happened to her in the last few days, she had
never felt more wantonly receptive than she did right at this moment. There was
something intensely thrilling about kneeling next to her sister-in-law exchanging kisses
while they both waited slavishly for the cocks to plunder their pussies.
The blonde had never realized that her adventures with Friar were not something she
had invented herself. Obviously the redhead was no stranger to the beast's hard
screwing. The expert way Jay had helped Friar's cock into her pussy, the way she
wriggled just so to get the best angle of penetration, showed that Jay was an expert at
that most unnatural of games.
"Oh Jay!... I've never been so turned on! Never!"
"You look so sexy, baby! I'm glad Chad's screwing you so nice! Friar's cock feels so
wonderful in my pussy!"
The women exchanged lewd comments that fanned both their libidos. In unison they
squirmed their ass-cheeks back, looking for the ultimate stroke - the one that would
take them over the hump into never-never-land. Shrieks and wails escaped their lips,
mingled in jarring erotic melody. Their abandon inspired Chad to fierce efforts up into
Su-Ann's pussy. To his amazement Friar seemed to be matching him stroke for stroke.
But it was the dog who gave in first. In one lusty lunge, his hot juices exploded deep
into the redhead's twat. "God, he's cumming in meeee!" Jay whined, her voice an eerie
echo that betrayed her own orgasm.
Kenny had finally come back. He had spent the night with a school buddy, drinking
beer and playing poker, trying to get some perspective on the lurid scene he left behind
him. All day he had wandered around the city, thinking, thinking.
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